Week 29 - 5/8/2012

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to do some photocopying for today's lesson . . .
Choose Your Attitude Activity:
In today's advisory lesson, students will understand how their attitude can affect how other people respond to them.
  1. Distribute the "Choose Your Attitude" / "Attitude Quotient" handout (attached to this lesson, both on the same sheet).
  2. Read the Case Studies on the "Choose Your Attitude" handout (one relates to the workplace and one relates to a school situation).  Discuss the questions that follow each case study, addressing how a person's attitude can affect how that person is treated/viewed by others.
  3. Have students complete the "Attitude Quotient Survey" (attached to the case study handout), and discuss the results.  How might their attitudes help or hinder them both inside and outside the classroom?
Heather O'Brien,
May 4, 2012, 6:16 AM