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Week 9-10/23/12

Please mention to your sophomores that they need to be collecting rubrics for their Junior Portfolio. If they had Mrs. Neumann or Mrs. Sunny last year, they can stop by their respective classrooms and pick-up rubrics that they have.

Hot Topic
            After you take attendance feel free to discuss one of these areas that you didn't discuss with your students last week. Notice: I added another article about social media. Very Interesting and quite controversial as well. Also, if you have an idea for a lesson, please pass it along to me.

Social Media Monitoring

        What social media do you use?
        What do you think about the school monitoring your social media use?
        Do you think this monitoring would censure what you post, tweet, etc...???

Teenage drinking       

        Ask students what they think of drinking in Clinton? Is it a problem?
        Ask students what they think the community could do to stop it?  Make things better?

Presidential Elections

        Ask students if they could vote in the November elections, would they. Why or why not?
        Ask students what the most pressing problem is in the United States today.  Why?  Explain.

Teens, Parents and their future

        Ask students if they have a plan for their future.
        Ask the students if they agree with their parents plan for them.