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Week 14- 12/04/12

Help the "Clinton Helping Clinton Food Drive."  Each advisory will receive a list of food items being collected to help Clinton residents who are in need this Christmas.  Please encourage your advisory to collect the FULL LIST of items, so each family can receive a complete meal for the holidays.  Social Services will add a gift card for a turkey or ham to each bag to complete the meal.  Please contact Maureen Tranquilli with any questions you might have.

December 4, 2012 - Sophomore Advisory Teachers/groups report to the Learning Commons

·        Robinson, Shannon

·        Len, Kristina

·        Shook, Rachel

·        White, Stephanie

The following
sophomore advisories need to follow up and conclude last week's activity, by
requiring that the students from today's small groups/session complete the
blue reflection sheet that was started last Tuesday.  The students will complete the blue
reflection sheet IN their advisory rooms.  Teachers should store the
assignments and blue sheets in the classroom bin.


Michele Wickam and Laurie DelGrego will run a follow-up Advisory Workshop with these teachers
and students after Winter Break to then discuss and debrief the completed
blue reflection sheet.
 Please make sure that your students have a copy of an assessment as well the rubric that goes with it. They need to bring these to the Learning Commons.

The lesson for the Advisories that have already been to the Learning Commons is as follows:

Here is a great inspiration story about a girl that goes from Homeless to Harvard.  There is a video and article.  To print the article look in the upper right hand corner of the page to the print icon.

Or you can discuss the following article on avoiding the holiday blues.

Also, next week the sophomores will be attending an assembly. Today, you may want to plan for your holiday celebration on December 18, 2012.