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Week 30 - 5/15/12

Suggested Activities:

Write a letter/ Send a card to a soldier:
On Husky Helper Day, Cindy Stevens and a group of students will prepare boxes to send to soldiers in Afghanistan and to soldiers recovering in a military hospital in the United States.  She needs letters and cards to send to the soldiers.  Students can write a letter or make a card to send to the soldiers.   

Things to possibly include in the cards/letters:
  • Some basic information about the student writing the letter : first name, age, hobbies/interests,  etc.
  • Questions the students may have for the soldier they're writing to
  • Thoughts / Sentiments / Gratitude for the services these soldiers are providing
  • Thoughts / Get-Well Sentiments for the soldiers who have returned home injured
We have heard back from some of the troops who have received our supplies / letters, and they are grateful for the small kindnesses we've shown them; it proves that these men and women haven't been forgotten 

Please send the letters and cards to Room 41.  We will make certain that Cindy Stevens gets the letters to include in the packages on Husky Helper Day.

Other Options-

Discuss selecting a college, preparing to apply to college-

College Tours


College Search 

More on the College Essay

Essays that impressed the admissions committee at Connecticut College 

Show students The Morgan School guidance site

During Advisory on Tuesday, May 15th please review the Husky Helper Day schedule with students. If a student does not know their assignments send them down to the office.

Please pick up a bag for your location in the nurse’s office for Husky Helper Day on Wednesday, May 16th. Medical information on students will be reviewed. Staff should refer to a check sheet in the bag.


Husky Helper Day Schedule – May 18th

7:30 – 7:45  Students report to their advisory rooms. Attendance will be taken. (Important) After attendance is taken those students who are doing team building at Elliot should report to the lobby at 7:40 with lunches to walk over to Eliot School with Mrs. O’Brien.

7:45 – 8:30 Kick-off Assembly in auditorium

8:30 Students who ordered lunch should pick it up in the café. Students and staff report to rooms assigned by site location.

8:45 Students and staff going off site will be called down by bus numbers. There will be two runs for downtown areas –  so some sites may not leave Morgan until 9 or a little bit after.

12:45 Buses will begin to pick up students at sites. Each site will be given a specific location for pick-up.

12:45 – 1:15 As students return, they should report back to their assigned rooms and fill out the reflection form – then chaperones will send the form to the Main Office. During this time, students can go to the café with their chaperone for a treat and then report back to their site room.

1:45 – 2:10 Closing activities in the auditorium