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Week 10-11/06/12

Mr. Jacobson would like you to ask your advisories if they have family members who are serving in the military. 
Please write the student's name as well as the name of the family member. Next to the family member's name,
write down what part of the military he/she serves in and where he/she is stationed. 
Turn this information in to Mr. Jacobson. Thank you.

 From Mrs. Hagness:

As we all transition back to our regular schedules and lives, there are so many in our area that have been affected
 by Storm Sandy. I would like for us to talk with students tomorrow about their ideas of what they would like to do as a
 school to help out. Some students may know of families specifically that need help or have ideas about helping out
 in areas that have been hard hit.  We can develop a school-wide assistance plan or have each advisory try to do 
something. For tomorrow, see what the students have to say, and we can discuss our plans at the 
faculty meeting on Thursday.  If you have ideas, please share.

Please share HOMECOMING UPDATES with students in advisory

Spirit Week will continue throughout this week

Homecoming Dance is still on for this Saturday – if you are bringing a guest, please pick up a guest form at the main office. Tickets will be $10 at the door. The dance is from 7-11.

Current Changes in the Homecoming Schedule

The Homecoming parade will be moved to Wed. Nov. 21st at 3 pm. prior to the Thanksgiving football game against Old Saybrook.

Float building times are extended to help each class plan and prepare:

This week – Wed &Thurs from 5-7

Next week - Mon – Thurs. from  5-7

 Final date on Tues.  Nov. 21st from 5-7

Benefits to the date change:

More time to prepare and plan for floats!

There is a game after the parade.  The game this week is on a Friday night

More folks may come out and see the parade and participate –afternoon time could involve more community, alumni etc. rather than having it on a Sat. morning

Opportunity to give back - Given the extended time for homecoming we have an opportunity to support families who have been impacted by Storm Sandy.  Each class will be competing against one another in a clothing and food drive for the next three weeks. 

Other ideas are welcome to help support families as well!

All donations will be presented to Clinton Social Services at the football game.

More Spirit Days during Thanksgiving week : Monday – Seasons &Holidays,  

Tuesday – Favorite Sports Team, Wednesday – Blue Out  

PEP Rally    Homecoming PEP rally will be held on Wed. Nov. 21st prior to the parade. No Pep Rally this Friday. 

Senior Entrance will take place and Homecoming Court will be announced.

Suggested Activities

General Election- Voting Information-

Election 2012 - 

For today's lesson you will need a computer and a projector. All of the options below pertain to the 2012 Presidential Election; select one that most interests you for today's advisory.

OPTION #1 - Click HERE to access a Candidate Match Game created by USA Today.  This is an interactive page that will ask
students to agree or disagree with 14 issues important to this year's candidates.  Depending on their response to each statement, the screen will reveal which candidate supports that belief.  Spend time discussing these issues with your advisees to see where they stand!

OPTION #2 - Should the interactive site not work, click HERE to access a different online resource sponsored by ProCon, an independent, non-partisan group that has collected the facts on this year's candidates.

OPTION #3 Scholastic On the Road to the White House  - an online game about becoming president

OPTION #4       New York Times Video on Voting- OpEd

New York Times OpEd

OPTION #5 -  "Teen Guide to the 2012 Election" that you can show your students (the video is embedded below).  This is a video created by teens helps viewers understand where the candidates stand on the "big" issues in this year's election:

Teen Guide to the 2012 Election - Full length.mp4

OPTION #6  UpFront Video on The Electoral College- This video explains how the electoral college works-

UpFront Magazine How Does the Electoral College Work?.flv