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Week 4 9/18/12

Here are a bunch of different things you can do for advisory.  You do not need to do all of them.  I just wanted to give you a bunch of options. 

1)  Follow-up discussion from last week's assembly about college planning.
    a)  have they chosen a school(s) that they will apply to?
    b)  did they get a chance to approach teachers for a letter of recommendation? 
    c)  have they filled-out the brag sheet?
    d)  Paul wrote the letter on the following link:

    e)  You can show them the slide show at the following link:

    f)  I put an article in your mailbox about early decision (I will get it in your mailbox by the end of first lunch on Monday).

    g)  Here is a link with articles and videos about college admissions.  There is also a video on that page that might play.

    h)  I realize that not all students are planning on attending college but this is, hopefully, appropriate for the majority of your students.  You could talk about post Morgan plans in general.

    g) I will also put another article in your mailbox about applying to college FAQ (please give me to the end of 1st lunch on Monday).

Maybe these lessons could last 2 weeks?  Please let me know.