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Week 2- 9/4/12

You might want to team up with another advisory teacher of the same grade level  to make sure you have an available LCD projector for this lesson. If you can't get to this lesson, keep scrolling down this psge for an alternative lesson.

1)  Introduce the College Board website as one resource for students to begin planning for life after high school.  Click on link below.

2)  Click on a few places to show what resources are available.  For example they can sign up for a free account to monitor their progress and make a plan.

3)  Use the link below and click on Go to show get students thinking about College planning.  There is also a video on the link below by Suzanne Colligan that gives advice about choosing a college (you might want to load it in advance it was slow to play).

4)  You can also click on Explore Careers and then Majors and there is another video called 9 video tips for finding majors (try it first).

5)  There is also another tab called Finding Colleges that has many interesting links and videos to show students.

I hope this lesson plan is OK and the technology will work for you.  I thought it would be easy for you to spend some time showing the students these two websites as resources for College Planning.  I realize that not all students will attend college next year but I thought so many do that this would be applicable.  Please let me know if you are having trouble and I can come down and help. 

Here is a list of 12th grade advisory teachers.


Beckett, Paul
Bergman, Eric
Clemente, Lori
Cole, John
DeBerardinis, Monica
DelGrego, Laurie
Gallagher, Tara
Graham, Michael G
Grippo, Joseph A
Healey, Kathryn
Redes, Stephen A
Shugrue, Mary Anne


Welcome back!  I hope you had a nice long weekend. feel free to discuss what everyone did this weekend.  Also, please check in with everyone to see how their first week back to school was. 

Here is the plan for Advisory today:

Olympic Fever
        Here is a great website that recaps the London Olympics.

       The London Olympics ended 4 weeks ago. Did you get to watch any of them? What was your favorite event? Who was your favorite Olympian? Why?

        Do you think that Olympians / Athletes should be used as role models?  Why or why not?

        Can you think of any controversial athletes/ Olympians?  Why are they controversial to you?  Explain.

        Do you prefer to watch the Summer Olympics or the Winter Olympics?  Explain.