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Week 12-11/13/12

Advisory will be extended today for 10 minutes.

A flier has been put in your mailboxes regrading Fill the Truck for Hurricane relief.  Please review with students and encourage them to donate starting Wednesday!

Good afternoon,

A neat opportunity has been offered to us to be showcased this week by NBC. In addition to covering sports, NBC will also showcase our school. The winning school will be chosen on Wednesday and is based on the number of people who vote. So, let’s show our spirit and rally support to have Morgan be chosen. Please share with students tomorrow in advisory. I have e-mails out to various groups in town as well.



Click here for the Lost Generation Video - Mr. Redes shared with us

These videos are about leaders and democracy.  Hopefully you and your students will find them inspiring. 

Click here for the video
Try this video too. 

You can compare and contrast the two videos. Then, discuss which video is more inspiring? Why? Explain.

Ask the students what they do to become motivated for a big game, a big exam, a big presentation?