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Week 11-11/6/12

Good Morning,

As we all transition back to our regular schedules and lives, there are so many in our areas that have been affected by Storm Sandy. I would like for us to talk with students tomorrow about their ideas of what they would like to do as a school to help out. Some students may know of families specifically that need help or have ideas about helping out in areas that have been hard hit.  We can develop a school-wide assistance plan or have each advisory try to do something in particular. For tomorrow, see what the students have to say and we can discuss our plans at the faculty meeting on Thursday.  If you have ideas, please share.



Mr. Jacobson would like you to ask your advisories if they have family members who are serving in the military. Please write the student's name as well as the name of the family member. Next to the family member's name, please write down what part of the military he serves in and where he is stationed. Turn this information in to Mr. Jacobson. Thank you.
Today is Election Day. Here are some articles that discuss the 2012 elections. Feel free to use these or have your own discussion.
This site below has many great articles for discussion.
As always, please feel free to suggest an activity or to develop a lesson plan for Advisory. We welcome ideas, topics and assembly themes.