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Week 1- 8/28/12-8/29/12

Tuesday, August 28, 2012:

Follow this link for Mr. Jacobson's instructions.  Forms will be in your mailbox for you to distrubute to your advisory class.  

Wednesday, August 29, 2012:

We will start the day in Advisory.  Mr. Jacobson would like us to collect forms.  Also, he requested that we have Advisory today in order for us to touch base with our students and to check on their 1st day.

Tuesday's class schedule:

A 8:50-9:20
B 9:25-9:55
C 10:00-10:31
D 10:36-11:07
E 11:12-11:36 lunch 1   11:39-12:03 lunch 2   12:06-12:30 lunch 3
F 12:35-1:20  
G 1:25- 2:10

Lunch 1  English Math Freshman Course Art and ESL
Lunch 2  Literacy Strategies, Math Strategies, Study Halls, World Languages, Mr. Zawadski's and Mr Samet's classes
Lunch 3 Business, Tech Ed, Music, Resource B, Social Studies