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Week 7- 10/9/12

Election 2012

For today's lesson you will need a computer and a projector. All of the options below pertain to the 2012 Presidential Election; select one that most interests you for today's advisory.

OPTION #1 - Click HERE to access a Candidate Match Game created by USA Today.  This is an interactive page that will ask students to agree or disagree with 14 issues important to this year's candidates.  Depending on their response to each statement, the screen will reveal which candidate supports that belief.  Spend time discussing these issues with your advisees to see where they stand!

OPTION #2 - Should the interactive site not work, click HERE to access a different online resource sponsored by ProCon, an independent, non-partisan group that has collected the facts on this year's candidates.

OPTION #3 - Lastly, there is a YouTube video titled "Teen Guide to the 2012 Election" that you can show your students (the video is embedded below).  This is a video created by teens to help viewers understand where the candidates stand on the "big" issues in this year's election:

YouTube Video