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Week 5 - 9/25/12

Today's advisory lesson is taken from School Specialty, the company that designed our students' planners.  Feel free to modify what you need to.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

• relate effort to success 

• understand the benefits of believing in effort

Materials Needed

• student planner

1. Introduce and Model Lesson Concepts

This lesson reinforces the idea that effort is tied to success. Write the following influences on the board: luck, money, good looks, effort, intelligence, influential friends. Then ask: Which of these is most important for your success in school this year? Which of these do you think will be the most important for your success in life? Ask students to justify their choices.

2. Activity

• Ask a volunteer to read "Ian’s Story" at the top of page 22 in the student planner.  Ask: Do you think it is worthwhile to reward people for trying hard? Do you sometimes feel that no one understands how hard you work?

• Read the remainder of page 22 and page 23 aloud. Say: The student planner tells us that effort is the most important influence on success. Think about achievements you have had in your life. Were you just lucky? Was it just because you are so talented that you succeeded? Chances are that no matter how intelligent, talented, or lucky you are, you still have to work for your achievements.

• Ask students to name people they feel are successful. Ask: How did that person succeed? Remind students that even exceptionally talented athletes, singers, actors, etc. still have to put forth maximum effort in order to be successful.

3. Discuss and Reflect

Reiterate to students that goals are different from wishes. Wishes require good luck to come true. Goals require planning and hard work. In other words, goals require effort. When you are setting goals for yourself, think about the effort they will require. Scheduling the time you will need to work toward your goal, and trying your best during that time are the best ways to ensure you will ultimately reach your goal.