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Week 4 - 9/18/12


There will be a club fair in the cafeteria for the freshman and sophomore classes.  To help minimize the level of congestion in the cafe, Grade 10 students will report to the cafe first, while Grade 9 students will report to their advisory rooms first.  

While the freshman are in advisory, take attendance and go over the following:

Your mentors are here today; they should introduce themselves and explain their role to the students. Then, the mentor will:

Have each student share positive activities, clubs, and sports that they are involved in both in and out of school. Is there a club, activity, and/or sport that they would like to try?

The Advisory teacher and/or mentor should state, “Research has consistently shown that physically and socially active recreation and leisure activities are related to a higher quality of life. This is especially true of activities that help people feel connected.” Discuss the following:

                  How do Morgan clubs, activities, and sports help students feel connected to the Morgan school community?

                  Do you think clubs, activities, and sports help student achievement?


Once the announcement is made, escort your students to the club fair and encourage them to explore the different booths/clubs.

** You can find the list of mentors and their responsibilities attached to this email. You received a hard copy of this document from Jan O'Brien last week. **
Heather O'Brien,
Sep 17, 2012, 5:49 AM