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Week 3 - 9/11/12

Today is an important day in our history.  Below are some suggested resources/activities focused on 9/11.  Feel free to add or substitute wherever you see fit.
  • OPTION 1: Remembering and honoring Father Judge.  By clicking HERE, you can access the 9/11 memorial page and read about Father Judge.  Just an FYI: the "blogspot" link will not work here at school, so you will have to rely on either the USA Today article OR the New York Magazine article.  You can read these with your students or have them read them on their own.  Discuss how Father Judge was an exceptional hero . . .  


  • OPTIONS 2: Visit 9/11 Attacks - 102 Minutes that Changed America where you will find an interactive map that links to video footage from 9/11.  You may want to preview these to ensure that they work and so that you feel comfortable with the content being displayed.