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Week 15-12/11/12

Today's advisory lesson will be facilitated by your upperclassmen mentors.  

Also, if you and your advisory would like to have a holiday party next week, today would be a great day to plan out the party details!

Create a line on the floor and number it from 1 to 5 (1 = Strongly Disagree / 5 = Strongly Agree).  Mentors will read the following statements and 9th graders will stand on the line in accordance to how they feel:
  • Giving and receiving respect from my peers is important.
  • My family is the most important to me.
  • My friends are the most important to me.
  • Morgan is harder than Eliot.
  • I like Morgan.
  • I look forward to school.
  • There are a lot of cliques at Morgan.
  • I would like to have a part time job when I am 16.
  • I am happy most of the time.
  • I think that there is a lot of drama at Morgan.
  • I think a lot of kids talk behind other students’ back.
  • I am worried about my grades.
  • I have a good relationship with my teachers.
  • I sometimes get bored on the weekends.

If your have time, this is an additional “Values lesson”:

The mentor will outline the following story and then students will rank the characters they like the best in order to the least. The mentor will write all the characters on the board:  

Susan-main character

Mother-concerned about how her daughter dresses

Mandy- girlfriend who tells her that Heather has told everyone she is a “slut.”

Heather- accused of saying Susan is a “slut.”

Rachel-comments on the way Susan is dressed.

Jim- doesn’t want to get involved.

Susan has a fight with her mother who tells her that her top is not ok for school because it has a cut-out in the back that shows her underwear. Her mother is tired of fighting with Susan over the way that she dresses. Both her mother and Susan start yelling at each other. Susan feels that she should be able to dress the way that she wants and is tired of her mother telling her what to do. Her mother doesn’t want her to give the wrong message out. Susan goes to school angry. She goes to her locker and then hears from her girlfriend, Mandy, that some kids were talking about her. Mandy tells her that Heather has told everyone that she is a slut. Susan goes to the lunch room and looks over at Heather who is talking to Jim and keeps giving her “looks.” Susan gets mad and confronts Heather about calling her a slut. Heather tells her that she didn’t tell anyone that she was a slut and gets mad at her. Heather tells her best friend, Rachel, what Susan said to her and then Rachel says, “Well just look at the way she dresses.”Susan asks Jim if Heather was talking about him. Jim says he doesn’t want to get involved in drama.


Rank the characters who you like the best to least.

Have a discussion about why they liked or disliked the characters.

Ask the group if they think that this happens at Morgan.

Is there drama at Morgan?