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Week 14-11/27/12

This week's advisory lesson will be facilitated by your upperclassmen mentors.  Each mentor should have received a copy of the lesson plan options that follow, but I am also including one here so you all know what to expect.

At this point, each advisory should have a Question / Comment Box.  If you do not, please ask your mentors to create one for your room.


Two truths and a Lie – Every member writes on a piece of paper 2 true statements about themselves & one lie. Members share the three statements about themselves (one at a time) to the rest of the group. The rest of the group tries to guess the statement that is not true. Two pieces of candy is given to each member after their turn.


Candy game questions – Write the following questions on the board:

  • What do you look forward to when you come to school?
  • Do you have any upperclassmen friends and if so how did they become your friends?
  • What do you worry about in school?
  • Do you know some 9th graders that are not passing their classes and if so why? (No names of students please)
  • Do you think that students change over their 4 years in high school and if so how?
  • Do you think that there are cliques in our school? (No names please)

Each group member is allowed to take 2 colored pieces of candy of their choice. Then a mentor assigns a Star Burst color to each question. Each member answers a question that has their color of candy.


Movement Activity – This activity can be done having an inner circle of chairs facing & paired to an outer circle of chairs. There should be just enough chairs so that every member is sitting facing a partner. If there is an odd number, a mentor should sit out. Then one of the mentors asks a question. Each partner shares his answer with his partner for a few minutes and then the mentor say stop; everyone in the outer circle moves over one seat and a new question is asked. Please use the above questions from the candy game and other questions may be added. You should be prepared with other possible questions.

(This same activity can be done with two lines of equal number of students paired and facing each other standing up. One line of students remains still and the opposite line of students moves over one place after a question is answered and the mentor says to. The person at the end moves to the front of the line.)


Sending a Message – A piece of masking tape must be used to mark everyone’s spot where they are standing in a circle. One person does not have a spot and he stands in the middle. The person in the middle says a truth about himself. The person in the middle as well as those students who also have this truth must move and find a new spot marked by tape. One person is always left out and must stand in the middle and state a truth. This is a fast paced game similar to Musical Chairs. For example, the student in the middle may say, “A truth is that I am wearing jeans.” Everyone that is wearing jeans as well as the person in the middle must move & find another piece of tape to stand on. The person left out then stands in the middle & the game continues.