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Week 11-11/6/12

Mr. Jacobson would like you to ask your advisories if they have family members who are serving in the military. Please write the student's name as well as the name of the family member. Next to the family member's name, please write down what part of the military he serves in and where he is stationed. Turn this information in to Mr. Jacobson. Thank you.
The Freshman Class will have a class meeting to discuss this week's Homecoming events (the meeting will be led by Meghan Lindsay & Catlen Goss, the President and Vice President of the Freshman Class)
Students will report to advisory FIRST so attendance can be taken.  Once attendance is taken, please accompany your students to theAUDITORIUM. 
Please consult the seating chart on the navigation bar to ensure each advisory is seated where they should be.  As the Freshman Class advisor cannot attend this meeting, it would be helpful if each of you was present and seated with your advisory groups.