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Week 2- 9/4/12

Introduction to Advisory and Each Other - 

Since this is a brand new class to Morgan, it may be helpful to talk with them about the purpose of advisory and having an advisor.  Additionally, you might want to familiarize them with their fellow advisees (and yourself) by using some ice-breaker activities.  While I have included some of my own ice-breaker activities, feel free to use one of your choosing!  

Some ideas I have used:

1. Extended Name-tag Activity: Give each student a rectangular piece of card stock.  
  • In the center, students write their name (and/or a preferred nickname).  
  • In the upper right-hand corner, students list one goal they have for the year.  
  • In the lower right-hand corner, students write what they consider to be their most valued possession.  
  • In the upper left-hand corner, students write what their theme song would be.  
  • And in the lower left-hand corner, students illustrate a symbol that depicts something important to who they are.  
Once finished, have students share their name-tags with the class.  Remember, you can alter any of the four corners to something you prefer.  Also, as these are name-tags, students can display them on their desks for the first couple advisory sessions to help you remember their names :)

2. Star Activity (This is similar to the name-tag activity with an additional "corner" and a different shape): Give each student a star cut-out; you can make these yourself (outlines can be found online) or purchase them from a teacher supply store / Staples).  In the center of the star, students write their name (and/or a preferred nickname).  In each of the 5 points,   students include the following: 
  • a goal they have for the year; 
  • their best memory; 
  • who their biggest mentor/influence is; 
  • their favorite place to be in the world; 
  • something they are most proud of (person, accomplishment, personal attribute, etc).  
Again, you can alter any or all of the 5 points to something you prefer.  When finished, students should share their stars and hang them somewhere in the room.

3. "What's in my backpack?": Ask each student to select something from his/her backpack or purse that is special or symbolic of him/her.  In small groups or as a whole class, students should share the object they selected and explain its significance.