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Welcome to Mrs. Hagewood's 8th grade Social Studies class!  We have a great year ahead of us with a lot to learn!  This year, we will be focusing on the geography of the United States, major events that took place in the United States, and how decisions the U.S. made affected the rest of the world.  Our journey begins with the Wild West.  During this unit we will discuss the Transcontinental Railroad and the United States’ ability to connect the eastern and western states.  We will then move on to learning about industrialization and urbanization.  We will look closer at how cities begin to grow in both size and population, how new inventions helped to advance technology, the effects of big business, and the increasing number of immigrants into the United States who were seeking “the American dream.”  The Progressive Era unit is next.  We will delve into the presidencies of three important presidents (Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson) who help to change the government as well as big business in the United States.  With the U.S. outgrowing itself and the inability to expand any further within America itself, we will next learn about the United States’ expansion overseas.  The goal was for the U.S. to grow its ability to trade as well as acquire more land.  It is in 1914 that war breaks out.  This eventually leads the United States into World War I.  We will discuss things such as trench warfare, new technology used in the war and how this all eventually leads to WWII.  Finally, we will end the year with the Roaring Twenties.  This is an exciting time in the United States!  The U.S. is trying to recover from the war, Women gain the right to vote, and popularity of Jazz music is on the rise!  This unit will end just as the United States’ economy is starting to dip—up next (in high school) the stock market crash and the onset of the Great Depression.



The West Transformed (Chapter 17)

o    Farming in the West

§  Railroads, mining, cattle

Industrialization and Urbanization (Chapter 18)

o    Industrial Revolution

§  Inventions and the growth of factories

o    Urbanization

o    Immigration

o    Big business

The Progressive Era (Chapter 19)

o    Political reform

o    Progressive Presidents

o    Women’s rights

United States Looks Overseas (Chapter 20)

o    Manifest Destiny

o    Expansion outside of the U.S.

o    Spanish-American War

o    Latin America

World War I (Chapter 21)

o    Causes of WWI

o    War Effort and support of WWI

§  Propaganda

§  Role of women

o    Aftermath of WWI

The Roaring Twenties (Chapter 22)

o    American society

§  Women, clothing, music, movies

o    The Jazz Age

o   1920’s Economy


Now that the agenda has been established, let’s move on…

Classroom Expectations:


As with any class, you will be expected to come to class on time and prepared.  Being prepared means that you have all of the following with you:

·         Pen and/or Pencil

·         Paper or S.S. notebook

·         S.S. Binder (with 3 tabs)

o   Tab 1: Class Notes

o   Tab 2: Class work

o   Tab 3: Homework

·         Textbook

·         Agenda Pad


In order for us to have a fun and successful year, we must also establish some classroom rules that will help our class run more efficiently and smoothly.  These guidelines will help ensure that everyone is able to learn! 

·         Arrive to class on time each day, prepared to learn and actively participate. 

·         Respect classmates, the teacher and yourself.

·         Follow a policy of honesty and integrity.

·         Do not be disruptive during class or prevent yourself or your classmates from learning.

·         Always try your hardest and never give up!  Failure is not an option- You can always succeed! 


Continued misbehavior will result in an after school detention with me and/or a referral to the office.




All grading will be based upon quality and completeness.  All homework will be worth three points (unless otherwise noted by the teacher).  Homework merits a 3/3 if it is of high quality and handed in on time.  Homework merits a 2/3 if the homework is not totally complete but is more than 50% completed.  Homework merits a 1/3 if the homework is less than 50% complete.  A zero will be given if the homework is incomplete or has not been turned in. 


**Any student who receives a zero on homework will be allowed to make up the assignment for half credit up to 1 day after its due date.  Any late work turned in after the 1 day will not be accepted. 


All other assignments, tests, quizzes, or projects will be graded for point value (as pre-determined by the teacher).  Therefore, grades are not weighted. 


**Other assignments (projects, classwork, etc.) will be accepted for partial credit up to 3 days after the due date; 1 day late merits a 10% grade reduction, 2 days late merits a 20% deduction, and 3 days late merits a 30% reduction.   


…So get ready!  This year is going to be jam packed with fun, exciting material!  Be prepared to learn something!  I wish each one of you nothing but success this year.  Do your best, try your hardest and remember—nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it!  Good luck this year J