Have a wonderful, safe summer! 
Mrs. Mitko

YES!  We did it, we finished our curriculum!
Time to practice and put all these tools to use. :)

"Just Keep Swimming!"
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This week we will discover box and whisker plots and how to use them to describe data sets.  We will then learn to find the interquartile range (IQR).
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Chapter 3 Test - Monday March 27th
Click on "Math Homework" link for extra study options!

Today in Class:

We continued to practice combining like term in algebraic expressions. We did include using the distributive property.  

Algebraic Expression:  How to read and write in algebraic form.

Quiz Monday March 6th!
Study guide:  Page 125 of the Green "Big Ideas" textbook.

Feb. 28, 2017

Today we continued practice on writing algebraic expressions and naming the parts of an algebraic expression.  Tomorrow we will focus on an overview of an upcoming quiz and get some hands on practice writing expressions.  Stay ahead of me! Chapter 3 section 1,2 & 3.


Happy New Year!

Midway in Chapter 2! 

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Happiest of holidays to each and every one of you!  May this new year be the best ever...Image result for peace on earth

Today we practiced multiplying fractions and focused on collaborating and teaching others as we completed task cards in class. 

Tomorrow we begin division of fractions!  Please read ahead to section 2.2 to get a head start.

There's no homework tonight, so please help your parents during this very busy time of the year!  Happy, happy holidays!

Nov. 29, 2016

Today in class:  
Today we practiced all learned concepts by attempting a cumulative assessment.  We did great!  We also discussed test taking strategies and put together a plan to prepare tonight.

Chapter test:  Wednesday Nov. 30th!
Study guide due:  Wednesday Nov. 30th!

Need extra practice?

Pg. 45 - Green Text "Big Ideas" ( online too!)
Chapter 1 Review
Excellent review of concepts and four practice problems.  

Also try the Chapter 1 test on page 48.  Awesome practice!
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Today in Class:  Nov. 22, 2016

Today we finished our quiz through section 1.6.  Next week we will start preparing for our Chapter One exam on Friday, Dec. 2nd.  
Many students are having trouble with adding and subtracting fractions (concept from 5th grade!).  Please refer to page 42 in the Big Ideas text for review!
Happiest of Thanksgivings to all!

Mrs. Mitko

Today we worked solely on problem solving and figuring out when to use GCF to solve crazy scenarios or LCM.  I was very impressed!

Tomorrow we have a quiz on:
  • Listing factors (Wand!)
  • Prime factorization ( Hammer!) 
  • Finding the GCF & LCM using both tools (Wand & Hammer)
  • Solving real world problems
  • Two fraction problems (+/-) with different denominators

Record & Practice Journals Pgs. 19-22
Due Friday!

Extra Practice?
Read and study Pgs. 36 - 39.
Practice problems:  Pg. 40 #3-#17

Want to push ahead?  Need More?
Pg. 41
#29 - #35

Want an extra credit project?

Choose one!

Pg. A2(appendix) in the back of the book.
Worth one test grade.  Please come talk to me about details.

Also you could build one of the awesome models we viewed on Youtube!  

We talk daily about the need for more perseverance and/or grit in problem solving and especially in solving long division problems.  It is hard for everybody, but if you can push the "hard" part and start the work of "guess and check", you'll find yourself in the middle of a problem anxious to find the solution instead of stuck at the beginning trying to start.  
Check out cool video games to practice prime factorization!

1.  BBC KS3 Bitesize Games ( My favorite!)
*Whack Attack
*State of Debate
This site rocks because you use math, english and science to solve problems!

2.  Mathplayground.com
3.  Coolmath.com
4.  Mathnook.com  - Bike racing
5.  Shepard Software.com - Fruit Shoot
6.  Khanacademy.com
Students had the opportunity to hear Chris Herren speak about drugs and alcohol.  Take a moment and talk about any questions that your son or daughter may have.  
Very powerful presentation.

Please watch the following youtube video in preparation for class on Monday Sept. 26th.

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Community Event:  Oct. 6th
Morgan Gym
Free Event

Students will hear him speak specifically on Oct. 7th at Eliot.
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Melissa Mitko,
Oct 22, 2015, 2:28 PM
Melissa Mitko,
Oct 22, 2015, 2:28 PM