May 31 - June 3
Solving percents!

May 16th - May 20th

Back to ratios, rates & percents!

Quiz - Percents
Tuesday June 7th

Please bring textbook in!

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May 10, 2016
SBAC this week....ratios and percents next week!


Jan. 4th - Jan. 8th


Please refer to your "Big Ideas" textbook for extra practice problems!  Chapter 4

Dec. 14th - Dec. 18th

Quiz:  Dec. 22nd
2.4 - 2.6
Study guide can be printed from "Math homework" link.

How can I prepare?  Review text
Take the fake quiz on page 100!!

Dec. 7th - Dec. 11th

Decimal Time!  Today we were introduced to the rules applied when we work with decimals.  We reviewed addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

I plan to work in depth on each operation and then mix concepts.  

Quiz:  Dec. 22nd
2.4 - 2.6

How can I prepare?  Review text
Take the fake quiz on page 100!!

Nov. 16th - Nov. 20th

We continue to explore division of fractions.  Last week we focused on the foundations of multiplication and division of fractions. This week we climb to the application level with discovering how and when to use division of fractions within performance tasks and real life word problems.

Quiz - Friday
Chapter 2.1 - Chapter 2.3
Please access your online texts for extra study tutorials and problems to practice.

Nov. 9th - 13th

Division of fractions!  

Please see text and online text for video tutorials and extra practice problems.  As always I'm available for help!

Nov. 2nd - Nov. 6th

We are continuing to explore multiplication of fractions.  We will really dive into the "how" and "why" by drawing out word problems so that the students can see exactly why the product of proper fractions are smaller not larger than the fraction itself.  

Quiz on Friday!

Oct. 26th - Oct. 30
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This week we are tackling multiplication of fractions.  There are some key concepts that everyone should know at this point.  

1.  Multiplication facts
2.  Divisibility Rules
3.  Addition/Subtraction of fractions
4.  How to simplify fractions
5.  Long division

Please practice these concepts at home as all are 5th grade concepts previously taught.
Use your online textbook and access the links for extra practice!

Are you READY?
Chapter one test 
Tuesday Oct. 27th

Oct. 19-23
Thank you to all students who joined me last night for an awesome evening study session!

Extra options to prepare!
In the Green text: Big Ideas Math

*Chapter review:  Pg. 45 - 47

*Chapter "fake" test - Pg. 48

*Standards assessment - Pg. 49 (this is what it will look like on SBAC.) 

See me for any questions!

October 5-9
This week in math we focused not only learning how to find the least common multiple of two numbers, but how we can solve real world problems with this concept. We started by finding common factors of two numbers and then progressed to finding the prime factorization of those numbers and placing them into venn diagrams.  We then were able to find not only the least common multiple and greatest common factor!  

Word problems are a stickler for sixth graders so we are focusing on strategies that include:

*Ripping the text to figure out what they are asking us to accomplish.
*Learning what words signal certain operations.
*Illustrating/drawing the problem and using diagrams, tables, and charts to help organize our thoughts and the information.

 Please visit the "Awesome math links" link on the left to reinforce concepts at home!

Cool Stuff!

One of my favorite websites to access for help or just plain old fun is the BBC math bites for ages 11-14.  My second "shout out" goes to hooda math.  This website offers a myriad concepts beautifully woven into fun video games for students.  Please explore and share any of your favorites with me!  Mmitko@clintonpublic.net


Welcome to Sixth Grade! 

Classroom expectations:  

1.  Respect & tolerance for all.
2.  Be kind.
3.  Work hard.
4.  Set goals.

In math classes the first week we will review whole number operations and fractions.  We will then decipher word problems and figure out how to solve them!

Please return your forms asap!

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Melissa Mitko,
Oct 22, 2015, 2:28 PM
Melissa Mitko,
Oct 22, 2015, 2:28 PM