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"Bump & Lock"
Did you try level 12?

Challenge 100!!  Ends Friday  
UMMMMMM....What dance party??
When you look up and two students are teaching their peers without any prompting.....yesssssssss!
In witing we're discovering "The Shape of                                                                                                                         ........DATA!!"

Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it. 
Marian Wright Edelman
Many of you have asked for the video link from "Feel Good Friday" 
Thank you Ella, I love the scarf you made me!!  Mrs. Mitko

Quiz!  Long division
           Tuesday October 3rd!

Matching up those exponents....we got this! 

y. Blew this one out of the water today!!
 You borrow bookcases like the one shown to display 943 books at a book sale. You plan to put 22 books on each shelf. No books will be on top of the bookcases.
 a. How many bookcases must you borrow to display all the books?
 b. You fill the shelves of each bookcase in order, starting with the top shelf. How many books are on the third shelf of the last bookcase?

Today we watched an inspirational speech by the Navy Admiral William McRaven.  Please take a moment and watch it again with your family.  Get excited and get motivated for a new year and fresh look at school. How many days in a row can you make your bed?  Let's stop going through those "easy" doors. Instead, let's  stand and face the sharks with a little grit and determination!  Let's help each other become the best folks we can possibly be.


Want sites to fight "fake news"....always check for facts!

Check out these awesome sites!!
1.  BBC KS3 Bitesize Games ( My favorite!)
*Whack Attack
*State of Debate
This site rocks because you use math, english and science to solve problems!

2.  Mathplayground.com
3.  Coolmath.com
4.  Mathnook.com  - Bike racing
5.  Shepard Software.com - Fruit Shoot
6.  Khanacademy.com

Have a funny math joke or meme?  Share with me via email and I'll post here!


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