June 15 - 19
Time to return textbooks!  Lost?  Please submit $78.40

No homework!

Here we go!  The push to the end...

May 11-15
Introduction to ratios and unit rates

May 18-22
Comparing and graphing ratios
*Tuesday - Evening study session 6:30-7:30

May 20th - Introduction of "Persistence in Problem solving".  See homework link for specifics.  Due May 29th

Quiz: Ratios and Unit Rates Thursday May 28th

Nature's Classroom! 

Special apology to all students and parents who came to study session Tuesday night. My sincere apologies for being late!

Today we will be discovering and figuring out areas of polygons.  As every polygon's area can be constructed from the area of a rectangle...we will be using deductive reasoning to create the formulas for triangles and parallelograms.

Geometry Quiz:  Friday April 17th
Areas of polygons

Study session:  Tuesday April 14th

Important dates!
**Study session previously scheduled for March 18th is cancelled.

Chapter 3 Algebra!

Friday March 6th - Quiz

*Algebraic expressions
*Solving Algebraic expressions when values are given

Wednesday March 18th - Quiz

Algebraic expressions
Name the parts of an expression
Create and solve expressions
(See homework page for study tips!)

Chapter 3 study guides due!
Thursday March 26th

Chapter 3 Test
Friday March 27th

Evening study sessions
Tuesday March 10th 6:00 - 7:00

Tuesday March 24th 6:00-7:00

As always I'm available before school, after school, recess and during enrichment.  Make an appointment!  Please check homework link for extra study opportunities.

February 20th - Decimal quiz!

February 24th - Evening study session
                          Room A-2

February 26th - Chapter 2 study guide due.

February 27th - Chapter 2 Test
Fractions & Decimals!

Reports cards go out next week....are you good?

Stay safe and warm!

News Flash:  Quarter 2 grades close in 2 1/2 weeks!  

Math Quiz Wednesday!

Need help with multiplication of fractions?  Check these websites out!

Need a GREAT Christmas gift idea? 
How about "Painless Algebra" by Lynette Long, Ph.D. 

We will be diving into algebra right after the holidays and this book is wonderful! This will expose your child to algebra and algebra language so that class won't be overwhelming, but exhilarating!
Order now on Amazon in time for the holidays!


Chapter 1 Test
November 25th!

Please click on the "math homework" link for more details and study tips!

Study Session!!
Tuesday Nov. 18th
6:00 - 7:00
Room A-2

Parents welcome!!


The annual Eliot food drive has kicked off!  Room A-2 has ALWAYS been at the top and we want to continue the tradition this year.  Please send in canned, dry, and appropriate foods.  The drive ends on Friday. 
Together let's make a difference in our own community! 

Thank you!

Welcome to sixth grade!

Classroom expectations:  

1.  Respect & tolerance for all.
2.  Be kind.
3.  Work hard.
4.  Set goals.

In math classes we will review whole number operations and fractions.  We will then decipher word problems and figure out how to solve them!