Today in Class: Oct. 21, 2016

Today we introduced our next section: 
 Chapter 1.4

Prime factorization
Greatest Common Factor
Least Common Multiple

Check out cool video games to practice prime factorization!

1.  BBC KS3 Bitesize Games ( My favorite!)
*Whack Attack
*State of Debate
This site rocks because you use math, english and science to solve problems!

2.  Mathplayground.com
3.  Coolmath.com
4.  Mathnook.com  - Bike racing
5.  Shepard Software.com - Fruit Shoot
6.  Khanacademy.com

We talk daily about the need for more perseverance and/or grit in problem solving and especially in solving long division problems.  It is hard for everybody, but if you can push the "hard" part and start the work of "guess and check", you'll find yourself in the middle of a problem anxious to find the solution instead of stuck at the beginning trying to start. 

Extra Practice?

Big ideas textbook: 
 Pgs. 28
#4 - #23

Want to push ahead?  Need More?

Pg. 29

Want an extra credit project?

Choose one!
Pg. A2(appendix) in the back of the book.
Worth one test grade.  Please come talk to me about details.

Students had the opportunity to hear Chris Herren speak about drugs and alcohol.  Take a moment and talk about any questions that your son or daughter may have.  
Very powerful presentation.

Please watch the following youtube video in preparation for class on Monday Sept. 26th.

Image result for project purple chris herrenImage result for project purple chris herren
Community Event:  Oct. 6th
Morgan Gym
Free Event

Students will hear him speak specifically on Oct. 7th at Eliot.
 Image result for are you cold then sit in the corner its 90 degrees

Melissa Mitko,
Oct 22, 2015, 2:28 PM
Melissa Mitko,
Oct 22, 2015, 2:28 PM