Town Hall Meetings

Several times throughout the year, Joel students come together as a grade level to allow teachers to facilitate a 'social emotional learning' lesson. The Joel students and staff refer to this grade-level gathering as a 'town hall meeting'.

This page has been created to help inform the Joel community how the 'Healthy and Balanced Living' program is reinforcing the social-emotional content of Joel's Town Meetings.

Joel's September Town Hall Meetings have focused on 'Bucket Filling' and Joel 'ROCKS' (an acronym for Responsible, Owning your decisions, Caring & Kind, Safe). During HBL (Healthy & Balanced Living) classes, students have discussed different ways that they can fill one another's buckets in the HBL setting. Additionally, students have been made aware of the HBL ROCKS expectations.

Responsibility was the theme of November Town Hall Meetings. During HBL classes, teachers focused on 'play fair, play honest'.

Some our the HBL lessons for January emphasized 'owning your decisions'  which included wearing sneakers to HBL class and following the rules of the game.