Blactop Recess Project

The recess blacktop at Joel was re-paved in Summer 2015. To add more life, activity, and color, a crew of people donated their time to make it the awesome space that it is today!

A huge thank you to parent volunteers Amy Aronson, Allison Febbroriello, Tara Hofer, Amy Morrissey, Angela Navarra, Kelley Nichols, Kelly Prevost, Wendy Scopa, Jennifer Slie, Paula Stack, and Denise Tanner! Special thanks to Denise who quickly confirmed these volunteers (on hours notice!) after a change in the scheduled painted day (due to the forcasted inclement weather).

Thanks to Clinton Public School Maintenance Director Mike Koziy for his enthusiastic support of this project! Mr. Koziy enlisted the expertise of Damon Pavement Marking Company (Deep River). Their advise was invaluable. Bill, Frank, and Hugh were a pleasure to work with. Thanks to Joel's custodial staff for providing anything that we asked for.

Thanks to Mrs. Norman, Mr. Karcich and Mr. Jacobson for spearheading this effort!