Joel Healthy & Balanced Living (Physical Education)

The Healthy & Balanced Living Curriculum will develop physical, mental, emotional and social attitudes and skills, through a comprehensive, integrated and sequenced program in health and physical education. The purpose of health and physical education is to empower students to become informed about health and fitness, evaluate opportunities and challenges, choose appropriate behaviors and develop positive attitudes that promote lifelong wellness.

Students at Joel will engage in a variety of activities. Traditional elementary content includes parachute activities, scooters, recess activities, tag games, track and field, and frisbee. Traditional sport offerings include skills in soccer, basketball, lacrosse, gymnastics, and baseball/softball. Unique Joel offerings include Gaga Ball (a striking and dodging game), SNAG Golf (Starting New at Golf), Verb-Venture (lots of climbing!), Trikes (3-wheel stand-up bike), Speed Cup-Stacking, and Scarf-Juggling.

Teachers’ primary goals are simple...keep the kids engaged and having FUN!!!!