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About Us

Jared Eliot Middle School (JEMS) serves a community of about 450 students in grades six through eight. We are located in coastal Connecticut half way between New Haven and New London on Route 95.

Clinton’s middle school is designed for students who are transitioning from childhood to adolescence.  The students no longer belong in elementary school but are not yet ready for the departmentalized, subject-centered high school. Adolescence is a unique period that calls for a unique school to meet students’ needs. The Jared Eliot Middle School is specifically tailored to bridge the gap between childhood and the early adolescent’s academic, physical, social and emotional needs.  The middle school age is a time for exploration, discovery of new skills and development of new interests.  Students will venture into new areas and expand their knowledge. By doing so, they well be better prepared for the specialization of both high school and adulthood.

An important goal of our school is teaching students how to learn.  Thinking critically, asking useful questions, finding answers independently and developing effective study skills are stressed.  Students also learn from a variety of teaching methodologies, independent study, small-group projects and class projects.  Active learning and respectful behavior are encouraged in all aspects of the middle school experience.