School Counselors

Mrs. Kris Mantzaris Mrs. Sarah Fusaro

Grades 5 & 7 Grade 6 & 8


Distance Learning:

Office Hours: 1:00 - 2:00 Monday through Friday

Connecticut resources that may be helpful to parents

National Resources

Multilingual Resources

Coronavirus: Multilingual Resources for Schools

Centers for Disease Control

Coronavirus Disease 2019

Child Mind Institute

Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus

National Association of School Psychologists

Talking to Children About COVID-19: A Parent Resource


As school counselors, our goal is to promote and enhance the learning experiences of every student in the areas of academics, personal/social development, and career development.

Our focus is to help each and every student reach their full potential. We are advocates for students and want them to acquire the attitudes, knowledge, and skills to be successful in their school and personal lives.

Information for 8th Grade (2019-2020):

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