Phil Williams (Chair)
Kim Buckley (Secretary)
Peter Giannotti, Mike Giordano, Debra Hauser, Annaliese Spaziano, Doug Traynor 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Clinton Public Schools is to educate our students.  A learning environment will be provided which will support and encourage students to acquire knowledge and develop the skills necessary to become productive, contributing, and respectful members of a diverse society.  Participation in the Clinton Public Schools will enable students to become lifelong learners with an understanding that their futures can hold opportunities which are infinite.


High student and staff expectations;

Positive schools climate;

Safe and orderly school environment;

Frequent monitoring of student progress;

Positive school/community interactions;

Promotion of physical and emotional well-being;

Development of problem-solving; critical, and creative thinking skills;

Effective parental involvement;

Adequate financial support; and

Emphasis on the values of respect and responsibility.