Welcome to English Language Arts on Team 7.1!

Our focus: the essential practices of prewriting, drafting, and revision, extended reading comprehension of and responding to fiction and non-fiction texts, strategies for vocabulary acquisition, and the identification and appreciation of author's craft.

Mystic field trip for Team 7.1 is Tuesday, 5/3! Please see Mrs. Bloom's note concerning expectations and rules.
*BIG thank you to Ms. M, who did a wonderful job while I was on leave! MUCH appreciated!

*With all of our practice and skills development in the area of responding to and evaluating literature, you should see an increase in your writing scores! If not, please schedule a conference with me to discuss strategies.

*Donate new or gently used books to a wonderful cause called Read to Grow. Your donations are greatly appreciated and give this wonderful organization the ability to promote literacy around the state. Thank you kindly!

Current Assignments

For Thursday, 5/5 be prepared to take a quiz on the Basic Literary Terms (noted in red on your Literary Terms definition sheet). Use your own creative study strategy/method for learning and share your methods with others!

Also, be sure you have the "Using Context" (page 195) worksheet completed. You may use a resource, such as an online thesaurus, to verify your responses.

What's Next?

We have begun a compelling new novel called Unwind and have 7 weeks of instruction left; let's make it count!