Welcome to English Language Arts on Team 7.1!

Our focus: the essential practices of prewriting, drafting, and revision, extended reading comprehension of and responding to fiction and non-fiction texts, strategies for vocabulary acquisition, and the identification and appreciation of author's craft.


English Classes

Why, Billy? Writing Assignment-Typed draft due in Google classroom by 11/29.

Remember to find a "good" pen!

Feel free to browse Mr. Dahl's website-lots of great things to learn about and explore.


Writing Classes

Writing B/A
    Writing C/D
        Writing D/C
            Writing A/B

We are in the process of organizing, analyzing, and reflecting upon the writing pieces in our progression portfolios.

Typed Format Reminder
**FOR ALL FORMAL ESSAYS AND WRITING PIECES, please use proper format.**
 This includes:
  • 12 point font, Times New Roman
  • A singe-spaced heading in the upper left corner
  • A creative, centered title
  • Double-spaced lines of writing
  • All paragraphs should be indented using the Tab key