Welcome to English Language Arts on Team 7.1!

Our focus: the essential practices of prewriting, drafting, and revision, extended reading comprehension of and responding to fiction and non-fiction texts, strategies for vocabulary acquisition, and the identification and appreciation of author's craft.
*Students received report cards last week. Please sign the envelope and return ASAP.

*"Increasing Isolation and Creating Change" responses have been scored. With all of our practice and skills development, you should see an increase from your previous writing scores! If not, please schedule a conference with me.

*Donate new or gently used books to a wonderful cause! Read to Grow
Your donations are greatly appreciated, and give this wonderful organization to ability to promote literacy around the state. Thank you kindly!

Current Assignments

Your Artistic Theme Interpretation Poster is due by the end of the school day on Thursday, 2/11. Use the colored paper that was provided, and see the requirements on GC. Focus on meeting each requirement of the assignment, neatness, appealing presentation, and creativity.

Also, your "Heroes Among Us" post (7-10 sentences) is due into Google Classroom by by the end of the school day on Thursday, 2/11. See the assignment sheet for instructions and guidance.

Reminder: Your FIVE Significant Differences assignment was due into Google Classroom by Friday, 2/5 at 3 pm. Did you submit it?

What's Next?

Students will present their Hero's Journey Projects in the coming weeks!