Tues. 1/2
     Complete Outline of Ch2 Sec2 - reading finished in class
     Quiz Thursday, Newton's Laws of Motion from Ch2 Sec2
Wed, 1/3
     Quiz tomorrow on Newton's Laws of Motion. (If there is no school, then the quiz will be the next time we meet.)
Mon, 1/8
     Finish outline of Ch2 Sec3 p. 52-55 on Momentum started in class
Tues, 1/9
     Quiz Thursday on Momentum
     Goodspeed Field Trip Commitment tear-off form due Fri, 1/11
Wed, 1/10
     Quiz tomorrow on Momentum

Fri, 12/1
Mon, 12/4
     Current Events Portfolio due Fri, 12/8
Tues, 12/5
     Current Events Portfolio due Fri, 12/8
Wed. 12/6
     Current Events Portfolio due Fri, 12/8
Thurs. 12/7
     Current Events Portfolio due tomorrow
     Quiz Monday - Gravity
Fri, 12/8
     Quiz Tuesday - Ch1 Sec4 -Gravity    
Mon, 12/11
     Quiz tomorrow
Tues, 12/12
Wed, 12/13
     Complete Chapter 2 Section 1 Outline (Read each section and summarize the most important idea in writing.)
Thurs, 12/14
     Ch2 Sec1 - Reading Objectives Writing Response (handout with scientists chart) due Monday
Fri, 12/15
     Ch2 Sec1 - Reading Objectives Writing Response 
Mon, 12/18
     Drop Zone Activity Questions due tomorrow
     Quiz Wednesday, Gravity and Motion, Ch2 sec1
Tues, 12/19
     Quiz tomorrow, Ch2 sec1
Wed, 12/20
Thurs, 12/21
Fri, 12/22

Wed, 11/1
     Quiz tomorrow - Measuring Motion
Thurs, 11/2
Fri, 11/3
Mon, 11/6
     Quiz tomorrow on Force, p.10-13
Tues, 11/7
Wed, 11/8
     Complete reading and annotating pp14-19
     Develop list of items that should be included in 4-panel fold for friction
Thurs, 11/9
Fri, 11/10
     Quiz Tuesday, 11/14 on Friction
Mon, 11/13
     Quiz tomorrow on Friction
Tues, 11/14
Wed, 11/15
Thurs, 11/16
Fri, 11/17
Mon, 11/20
Tues, 11/21
Mon, 11/27
Tues, 11/28
Wed, 11/29
Thurs, 11/30
     Shipping and Sliding Lab Booklet and Letter due at the end of Class tomorrow

Mon, 10/2
     Complete written draft of Lab Report Data Analysis & Conclusion using guidelines provided in class.
     Lab report will be due at end of class on Wednesday, 10/4
Tues, 10/3
     Lab Report due at end of class tomorrow
Wed, 10/4
     Quiz Friday on Identifying Variables
Thurs, 10/5
     Quiz tomorrow on Identifying Variables
Fri, 10/6
Wed, 10/11
     Sections A & B - complete bias packet started in class, p 3&4
     Sections C & D -none
Thurs, 10/12
Fri, 10/13
     Inquiry Unit Test next Friday, 10/20 (Check Google Classroom for a Slides Study Guide that YOU create!)
Mon, 10/16
      Inquiry Unit Test next Friday, 10/20 (Check Google Classroom for a Slides Study Guide that YOU create!)
Tues, 10/17
      Bring all Inquiry paper and notes for class tomorrow to complete review materials.
Wed, 10/18
      Complete review materials for test on Friday
Thurs, 10/19
     Inquiry Unit Test tomorrow
Fri, 10/20
Mon, 10/23
     Acceleration problems 1-4
Tues, 10/24
     Remediation packets are due on Thursday, 10/26, for students who earned less than 70% on the inquiry unit test. Packets were distributed in class today. (If you didn't receive a packet you have a C or better.)
Wed, 10/25
     Remediation packets are due tomorrow by the end of the day, no new homework.
Thurs, 10/26
     Average Speed Graph
     Don't forget walk a thon pledges and blue shirts and hoodies!!!
Fri, 10/27
Tues, 10/31
     Motion Vocab Study Strategy: Chart Term, Class, and Limiting Feature of all vocab for Thursday quiz
    Quiz Thursday, 11/2, Ch 1 sec 1 Measuring Motion

Fri, 9/1
     Complete Packet to end of p.3 (#4-9)
Tues, 9/5
     Sample problems #1-18
Wed, 9/6
     Quiz Tuesday, 9/12 on Scientific Method and Inquiry Vocabulary
Thurs, 9/7
     Quiz Tuesday, 9/12 on Scientific Method and Inquiry Vocabulary
Fri, 9/8
     Quiz Tuesday, 9/12 on Scientific Method and Inquiry Vocabulary
     Complete sample table headings started in class
Mon, 9/11
     Quiz tomorrow
Tues, 9/12
Wed, 9/13
     none                                                                Any day in which no homework is assigned, students should review their notes from the day and previous days.
Thurs, 9/14
Fri, 9/15
Mon 9/18
     Complete classwork graphs Table 1 bar graph and Table 2 line graph only (Table 3 & 4 were class work only)
Tues, 9/19
Wed, 9/20
     Interpreting Graphs - Tornados and Raritan River - respond to questions
Thurs, 9/21
     Check of Mon and Wed HW
Fri, 9/22
     Quiz on Graphing Skills - Wed 9/27
     Complete graphs started in class
Mon, 9/25
     Sec A: Two-line graph (plant bubbles) graph and answer questions on mean, median, and mode
     Sec B, C, & D: Complete classwork graph on plant bubbles and do the graph on Blood sugar levels (also two line graph) ana answer related questions.
     Graphing Quiz on Wed!
Tues, 9/26
     Quiz tomorrow on graphing
Wed, 9/27
     Scientific Method and Experimental Design Packet due Monday, 10/2
Thurs, 9/28
     No new HW, Packet due Monday, 10/2
Fri, 9/29
     No new HW, Packet due Monday9
     Complete calculations of lab data, as well as graph (x= length, y=ave. speed), and connect your 3 points.

Wed, 8/30
     Set up notebook
Thurs, 8/31