Monday, 10/3
     Blood glucose graph ( 2 sets of data on one graph)
Tuesday, 10/4
     Create a data table for the donmino Derby lab
Wednesday, 10/5
     Select your Scientist for October Project
          October Project due dates: peer edit 10/14, Early Bird 10/21, due date 10/29
Thursday, 10/6
     Find one source and research your scientist
Friday, 10/7
     Find a second source and research your scientist
Tuesday, 10/11
    Find a third source and research your scientist
Wednesday, 10/12
    Prepare a draft and work cited for Friday peer edit
Thursday, 10/13
    Work on Draft and Work Cited for peer edit (October is Autobiography collage)
Friday, 10/14
    Early Bird project due date next Friday, 10/21
    Complete Domino Derby graph for Monday
Monday, 10/17
    Early Bird Project for 10% extra credit due Friday, 10/21
    Domino Derby Lab Report due at end of class Wednesday, 10/19
Tuesday, 10/18
    Complete Lab Report draft in order to turn report in  by end of class Wed. 10/19
    Early Bird project due 10/21
Wednesday, 10/19
    Early Bird due Friday
Thursday, 10/20
    Early Bird due tomorrow
Friday, 10/21
    October Scientist autobiography/collage due Friday, 10/28

Thursday, 9/1
     Highlight definitions on Scientific Method Packet and do #1-3 on bottom of p2
Friday, 9/2
     Scientific Method Packet p4, #10-16
Tuesday, 9/6
     Inquiry Practice #1-18 due Thursday 9/8
     Vocab Quiz on Friday, 9/9 (try 4-column study strategy)
Wednesday, 9/7
      Inquiry Practice #1-18 due tomorrow
     Vocab Quiz on Friday, 9/9 (try 4-column study strategy)
Thursday, 9/8
     Scientist Project Assigned, peer edit on Tuesday, 9/20
     -Early Bird Extra Credit due date Friday, 9/23
     -Project due date, Friday, 9/30
     Vocab Quiz tomorrow
Friday, 9/9
     Select your scientist and do a quick search of internet resources
Monday, 9/12
     Complete one more authentication sheet as you research your chosen scientist.
Tuesday, 9/13
     Complete your scientist research by seeking out a 3rd source. Bring all 3 note sheets to class tomorrow.
Wednesday, 9/14
Thursday, 9/15
     Complete the Lab questions (#1-12) on p3 of the thumb lab packet
Friday, 9/16
     Scientist draft of 3 paragraphs due Tuesday for peer edit (double spaced)
     label data table columns
Monday, 9/19
     Scientist draft of 3 paragraphs for peer edit (double spaced)
Tuesdays, 9/20
     Make changes to draft - plan to be early!!
Wednesday, 9/21
     Label graphs using guidelines from class
Thursday, 9/22
     Early Bird Projects 
     Graph #1
Friday, 9/23
     Complete graphing Tables 2-4 if not finished in class today
Monday, 9/26
     Complete Experimental Design Packet started in class.
Tuesday, 9/27
     Complete Reading Graphs worksheet front and back.
     Graphing Quiz on Thursday 9/29
     Scientist Projects due Friday, 9/30
Wednesday, 9/28
     Complete Graph of 2 sets of data (this topic will not be on the quiz)
     Graphing Quiz on Thursday 9/29
     Scientist Projects due Friday, 9/30
Thursday, 9/29
     Complete Experimental Design Exercise started in classs
     Quiz Monday on Identifying Variables
     Scientist Projects due tomorrow
Friday, 9/30
     Quiz Monday on Identifying Variables

Tuesday, 8/30
     Set up science notebook
Wednesday, 8/31