Monday, 2/1
     Begin research on your new Scientist Project - the Dinner Party Plan
          Placemat due Wed, 2/10
          Early Bird due Fri, 2/19
          Project due Fri, 2/26
Tuesday, 2/2
     Continue to research you new scientist using the scientist list on my links page. (I have your folders as I am correcting your January projects!)
Wednesday, 2/3
     Read and annotate handout on bridges. Use new information to add to your notes taken in class.

Monday, 1/4
     January Scientist Project - Retire the Lab Coat/Create and Award - Begin research
          Early Bird due 1/22
          Project due 1/29
Tuesday, 1/5
     Research a second source for your January Scientist project
Wednesday, 1/6
     Research a third source for your January Scientist project 
Thursday, 1/7
     Pull materials together for midterm review based on guidelines given in class
Friday, 1/7
     Complete Scientific Method Review Packet
Monday, 1/11
     Forces & Motion, #1-23
Tuesday, 1/12
    Forces & Motion Review, #24-28
Wednesday, 1/13
    Complete Forces & Motion Review Packet
Thursday, 1/14
    Quiz tomorrow on Gravity and Motion, Ch2 Sec1
Friday, 1/15
     Prepare for Thursday midterm exam
     January Scientist Project Early Bird due Friday, 1/22
Tuesday, 1/19
     Science Midterm on Thursday
     Early Bird Project due Friday, project due date 1/29
Wednesday 1/20
     Science Midterm on Thursday
     Early Bird Project due Friday, project due date 1/29
Thursday, 1/21
     Early Bird Project due Friday, project due date 1/29
Friday, 1/22
     Project due date is Friday, 1/29
Monday, 1/25
     Quiz Wednesday on Newton's Laws of Motion
     project due date 1/29
Tuesday, 1/26
     Quiz Wednesday on Newton's Laws of Motion
     project due date 1/29
Wednesday, 1/27
     Momentum worksheet with questions
     Project due Friday
Thursday, 1/28
     January Scientist Award/Certificate/Lab Coat Project due tomorrow
Friday, 1/29
     Momentum quiz on Monday

Tuesday, 12/1
     December Scientist Fandex Project assigned,
          check in is 12/11 (complete work cited and 10 bullet points of information)
          project is due 12/21 (bring work cited, 10 typed bullet points formatted in a column, color head shot of scientist)
Wednesday, 12/2
     Research December scientist
     Shipping & Sliding Lab (Booklet & Business letter) due Wednesday, 12/9 - all work is done in school!!
Thursday, 12/3
     Research December scientist, create Work Cited page as you research!
Friday, 12/4
     Research December scientist, Check in is next Friday.
Monday, 12/7
     Research December scientist, check in is this Friday
     Shipping & Sliding Lab (Booklet & Business letter) due Wednesday, 12/9 - all work is done in school!!
Tuesday, 12/8
     Booklets should be complete, letters for Shipping & Sliding are due at the end of class, or at least end of day tomorrow
     December Scientist project Check in on Friday, 12/11
Wednesday, 12/9
     December Scientist Project Check in is this Friday
Thursday, 12/10
     Project Check in is tomorrow
     Quiz Monday on Ch1 Sec4 Gravity
Friday, 12/11
     Quiz Monday on Gravity
     December Scientist projects due Tuesday 12/22 - every student is an early bird!
Monday, 12/14
     Penny's Puns (if not completed in class)
     Test this Friday on Ch1 Measuring Motion
Tuesday, 12/15
     Prepare for Test Friday on Measuring Motion (Study tip: Write out definitions including term, class, and limiting features of all vocabulary in the chapter.)
Wednesday, 12/16
     Test Review Practice Packet (Study tip: Use the Problem solving Boxes strategy to sort through math problems. Its not required but might be helpful.)
Thursday, 12/17
     Chapter Review in Textbook, p. 28-29 (Study tip: If you don't know that your answers are correct, check them in the text! Not an answer key but the actual text.)
Friday, 12/18
     Scientist Project materials due on Tuesday to be assembled in class
Monday, 12/21
    December Scientist Fandex project due tomorrow
Tuesday, 12/22
Wednesday, 12/23
    none - Have a happy and healthy holiday vacation!!

Monday, 1/2
     Quiz tomorrow on Ch1 Sec1 Measuring Motion
     November Scientist Greeting Card Project Assigned
          Check in date, 11/12
          Early Bird due, 11/17 (10% extra credit!)
          Project due, 11/24
Tuesday, 11/3
     Research November scientist and a concept in science
Wednesday, 11/4
     Calculating Net Force Diagrams
     Quiz Friday on Ch1 Sec2 Forces
Thursday, 11/5
     Quiz tomorrow on Forces
Friday, 11/6
     Work on November Scientist Greeting Cards, check in next Thursday 11/12
Monday, 11/9
     Annotate Ch1 Sec3 pp14-19
Tuesday, 11/10
     Friction Action Reinforcement Worksheet
Wednesday, 11/11
     Quiz tomorrow on Friction
     November Scientist Check In
Thursday, 11/12
     Work on Greeting Card (Draft Paragraph 1, draft Paragraph 2, take picture, create Work Cited)
Friday, 11/13
     Continue to work on Greeting Card (Edit your work and look for a quote for the inside of your card.)
Monday, 11/16
     Early bird project is due tomorrow
Tuesday, 11/17
Wednesday, 11/18
Thursday, 11/19
Friday, 11/20
     November Projects are due Tuesday if not already turned in
Monday, 11/23
     November Scientist Greeting Card Project is due tomorrow
Tuesday, 11/24
Monday, 11/30

Thursday, 10/1
     The Domino Derby Lab Report due Monday, 10/5
     Complete final copy data table and graph (today's opener) and complete as much of the data analysis & conclusion worksheet as possible for tomorrow.
Friday, 10/2
     Domino Derby Lab Report due Monday, 10/5
Monday, 10/5
     October Scientist Autobiography and Collage assigned today, pick your scientist and begin research tonight
          Peer edit 10/16
          Early Bird due 10/23 (for 10% extra credit)
          Due date 10/30
Tuesday, 10/6
     Research (that means authenticate, document, and record notes from sources) scientist
Wednesday, 10/7
     Research your scientist! (Remember you must authenticate, document, and record pictures for the collage this month.)
Thursday, 10/8
     Section D - Complete the Dimensional Analysis Problems started in class #1-10
     Sections A-C - Complete research on your scientist including relevant pictures for your collage.
Friday, 10/9
     Dimensional Analysis Practice Problems #1-10 (Use the conversion charts provided in class.)
Tuesday, 10/13
     Unit Test this Friday on Inquiry
     Peer Edit of October Scientist Autobiography draft is moved to Monday, 10/19
Wednesday, 10/14
     Use today's practice test to determine the areas you need to review for Friday's test. Redo homework or classwork problems that are similar to those you got wrong as
      a study strategy. Unit test on Inquiry is this Friday!
Thursday, 10/15
     Test tomorrow on Inquiry
     Peer edit of October Scientist Autobiography due Monday
Friday, 10/16
    Peer Edit on Monday, 3 typed paragraphs about your scientists life written in 1st person. (You are the voice of your scientist.)
Monday, 10/19    
     Work on Scientist Collage, Early Bird due date is Friday, 10/23
Tuesday, 10/20
     Early Bird Project due date, 10/23
     Annotate article on neutrinos
     Remediation for Inquiry Unit Test is due 10/26
Wednesday, 10/21
     Annotate Textbook  - Ch1 Sec1 p4-7 up to Acceleration heading (Books can stay at home unless you use sticky notes for annotation. We will have a classroom set.)
     Early Bird Projects are due Friday, check your work against the rubric before turning it in!
     Remediation Packets for Inquiry Unit due Monday, 10/26
Thursday, 10/22
     Annotate Textbook  - Ch1 Sec1 7-9 
     Complete the worksheet on resultant velocity - try the challenge problem!!
     Early Bird Projects are due tomorrow, but final due date is 10/30
     Remediation Packets for Inquiry Unit due Monday, 10/26
Friday, 10/23
     Speed & Velocity Problems and Acceleration Problems using Problem Solving Boxes (Section C, D: front and back; Sections A,B: front only)
     Remediation Packet for Inquiry Unit due Monday, 10/26
Monday, 10/26
      Speed & Velocity Problems and Acceleration Problems using Problem Solving Boxes make sure both sides of both sheets are complete
Tuesday, 10/27
     Complete Lab Questions for Thursday class
Wednesday, 10/28
     October Scientist Collage and Autobiography due Friday
Thursday, 10/29
      Scientist Projects due tomorrow
Friday, 10/30
      Quiz Tuesday on Ch1 Sec1
      Math Skills Review Worksheet - Challenge question is optional (but try it anyway!!)

Tuesday, 9/1
     Set up notebook
Wednesday, 9/2
Thursday, 9/3
     Complete the Scientific Method Packet , q. 4-16
Friday, 9/4 
     Quiz on Wednesday, 9/9 on Steps of Scientific Method, Elements of a Controlled Experiment, and Inquiry Vocabulary
Tuesday, 9/8
     Prepare for quiz tomorrow.
Wednesday, 9/9
     Select September Scientist from the 4 page list and record your choice on your scientist log.
Thursday, 9/10
     Scientist Project - Wanted Poster - check the rubric to be sure you are including all required information for poster
Friday, 9/11
     Scientist Project - Draft due for peer editing next Friday 9/18, draft must be typed and double spaced
Monday, 9/14
     Work on 3 paragraph draft of September Scientist project - due for peer edit on Friday, 9/18
Tuesday, 9/15
     Work on 3 paragraph draft of September Scientist project - due for peer edit on Friday, 9/18
Wednesday, 9/16
     Complete Data Presentation and Analysis worksheet started in class
Thursday, 9/17
     Section D - try to graph finger size and Win/Loss record
     Peer Edit tomorrow bring scientist project draft - 3 typed paragraphs double spaced
Friday, 9/18
     Complete lab questions (Thumbs Up!) for Monday
Monday, 9/21
     Experimental Design Packet, items I-IV (do not do graphing exercise on very back page)
Tuesday, 9/22
    Complete classwork - create three graphs from the three tables presented on worksheet.
Wednesday, 9/23
     Graphing practice #1 for 2 sets of continuous data (plant depth and bubbles produced)
Thursday, 9/24
     Early Bird Science Project Due tomorrow
     Quiz Monday on Experimental Design and Graphing
Friday, 9/25
     September Scientist Project due Wednesday, 9/30
     Quiz Monday
Monday, 9/28
     September Scientist Wanted Poster Project due Wednesday
Tuesday, 9/29
     September Scientist Wanted Poster Project
Wednesday, 9/30