Monday, 6/1
     Astronomy Unit Review - Review sheet handed out is also posted on Webpage
Tuesday, 6/2
     Prepare for final exams
Wednesday, 6/3
     Goodspeed trip is tomorrow - bring a bag lunch, pickup at 5:00 pm
Thursday, 6/4
     Prepare for Science Final Exam tomorrow
Friday, 6/5
Monday, 6/8
Tuesday, 6/9
     Read and answer questions  - Pondering the Platypus
Wednesday, 6/10
    Read and respond to The Journey Ends in Lovers Meeting, a story of Anglerfish reproduction
Thursday, 6/11
     none (today is Holiday Hill field trip!!!)
Friday, 6/12
     Read and respond to Sex Reversal in Fish
Monday 6/15
     Chapter 3 Heredity Quiz on Wednesday
Tuesday, 6/16
     Quiz tomorrow on Heredity
Wednesday, 6/17
Thursday, 6/18
Friday, 6/19
Monday, 6/22
Tuesday, 6/23
     Enjoy the Summer! Read REad REAd READ!!

Friday, 5/1
Monday, 5/4
     Complete the back of Exploring the Periodic Table
     Complete the "USES" column of the periodic table groups chart using the new picture version of the period table, 3 bullets per box
Wednesday, 5/6
     Atomic Structure HW sheet front and back! due Friday 5/8
Thursday, 5/7
     Complete yesterday's homework for tomorrow's class
Friday, 5/8
     Complete electron configuration (both Bohr and Lewis models) for last to elements on worksheet
Monday, 5/11
     Complete classwork on Atomic Basics
Tuesday, 5/12
Wednesday, 5/13
     Read Elements, Compounds, Mixtures, & Solutions (ECMS) Packet and complete notes
Thursday, 5/14
     ECMS #2
Friday, 5/15
    Review for ECMS Quiz on Monday
Monday, 5/18
     Elements & Bonding Worksheet
Tuesday, 5/19
     Acids, Bases & Indicators
     Chemistry Test on Friday, 5/22
Wednesday, 5/20
     Chemistry Review Packet, #1-29
     Chemistry Test this Friday!
Thursday, 5/21
     Study and Redo work from last 2 weeks on Chemistry in preparation for Test Tomorrow
Friday, 5/22
     Organize for Final Exam in Science on Friday, June 5 using Handout
     Complete Characteristics of Life Packet for Tuesday 5/26
Tuesday, 5/26
     Physical Science Review Packet (Also Check out Links on my Web site to access additional Physical Science Review Material)
Wednesday, 5/27
     Continue Physical Science Review
     Inquiry Review material is available on the links page as is Chemistry Review.
Thursday, 5/28
     Human Reproduction Prompt
Friday, 5/29
     Prepare for final exam

Wednesday, 4/1
     Select April Scientist and begin research
Thursday, 4/2
     April Scientist Poem due 4/30; Early Bird due 4/23
Monday, 4/13
     complete Section Review p. 67 all questions except 3&6
     Research Scientist for monthly project
Tuesday, 4/14
     Graph Sunspot Activity and answer the 2 questions, side 1 only for HW
    Work on April Scientist project!
Wednesday, 4/15
     Work on April Scientist Poem/Song/Rap due 4/30 (Early Bird due next week 4/23)
Thursday, 4/16
     Complete Cause -->Effect packet from Sec3
Friday, 4/17
     Test Monday, Ch1 & 2
Monday, 4/20
     Early Bird projects due Thursday
     April Scientist Poem/Song/Rap due next Thursday, 4/30
Tuesday, 4/21
     Chapter 3 Review, p 87-88
     Chapter 3 Quiz/Test on Thursday, 4/23
     Early Bird project due Thursday, 4/23
     April Scientist Project final due date Thursday, 4/30
Wednesday, 4/22
     Chapter 3 test tomorrow
     Early Bird project due tomorrow
Thursday, 4/23
     none new
     April Scientist Project due Thursday, 4/30
Friday, 4/24
    April Scientist Project due Thursday, 4/30
Monday, 4/27
     April Scientist Project due Thursday, 4/30
Tuesday, 4/28
     April Scientist Project due Thursday, 4/30
Wednesday, 4/29
     April Scientist Project due tomorrow
Thursday, 4/30

Monday, 3/2
Tuesday, 3/3
    none new, Open Note Menu Test on Ch4 including Dwarf Planets and Seasons will be our next school day.
Wednesday, 3/4
Thursday, 3/5
     none (snow day)
Friday, 3/6
Monday, 3/9
     Telescope taxonomy
Tuesday, 3/10
     Add new non-optical telescopes to last night's taxonomy
Wednesday, 3/11
     Create a concept map using the vocabulary from Ch1 Sec3. Use the extended list we defined in class today in panel 3 of your 3 panel flipchart.
Thursday, 3/12
     Create your personal constellation
Friday, 3/13
     Complete written questions to the Astrolabe lab done in class
Monday, 3/16
     Complete Ch2 Sec1 review p. 39
Tuesday, 3/17
     Complete Star Classification Worksheet based on Temperature
Wednesday, 3/18
Thursday, 3/19
Friday, 3/20
Monday, 3/23
     Interpreting Graphics  - Celestial Sphere practice
Tuesday, 3/24
     Complete Venn Diagram comparing "Galactic Showdown" and "Into the Darkness"
Wednesday, 3/25
Thursday, 3/26
     Annotate Hawking Lecture, due Monday 3/30
Friday, 3/27
     complete lecture annotation for Monday
Monday, 3/30
Tuesday, 3/31

Tuesday, 2/3
Wednesday, 2/4                                                                                                                            
     February Scientist Award project due 2/27
                            early bird due 2/20
     Test remediation due Monday, 2/9
Thursday, 2/5
     Early Astronomy & Recording Time - prompt
          (must use at least 5 specific details from the chart done in class)
     Goodspeed Field Trip Permission slip and deposit due tomorrow
Friday, 2/6
     Return Blue Books!!
     Complete Early Observers Packet started in class, Packet will be collected Monday
     Research February Scientist
Tuesday, 2/10
     Complete planet charting, Red Book Ch4, Sec1-3
Wednesday, 2/11
Thursday, 2/12
     Suggested: complete research of February Scientist, Early Bird is due Friday 2/20
Wednesday, 2/18
     Finish reading about other planets moons, p. 114-116
Thursday, 2/19
     Complete the asteroids/meteoroids comparison worksheet and finish reading section 5.
     Early Bird February scientist award due tomorrow, regular due date next Friday, 2/27
Friday, 2/20
     Complete content vocab on Earth's Motion - seasons
     February Scientist award projects due Friday, 2/27
Monday, 2/23
     Complete Seasons Review Packet (25 m/c questions interpreting diagrams)
     February Scientist Award is due Friday 2/27
Tuesday, 2/24
     Complete 6th grade CMT review packet for 33 points (1/3rd of a test grade)
     February Scientist Award due Friday 2/27
Wednesday, 2/25
    Complete 7th grade CMT review packet for 33 points (1/3rd of a test grade)
     February Scientist Award due Friday 2/27

Monday, 1/5
     Select your January scientist and find one source for that scientist
Tuesday, 1/6
     January Scientist Voicethread Interview, rough draft due 1/16,
                                                                      early bird due 1/23,
                                                                      project due 1/30
Wednesday, 1/7
     Momentum worksheet (front & back)
Thursday, 1/8
     Quiz tomorrow on Momentum - Ch2, Sec3
     Research January Scientist
Monday, 1/12
     Bridge Basics Comprehension questions
Tuesday, 1/13
     Voicethread - draft due Fri 1/16
Wednesday, 1/14
     Tension and Compression in daily activities
Thursday, 1/15
     Voicethread Rough Draft check tomorrow
Friday, 1/16
     Complete questions on local bridges from information sheets provided
     Unit test on Forces, Motion, and Bridges Tuesday, 1/27 (after midterms!)
Monday, 1/20
     Early Bird Voicethread due 1/23
     Unit test on Forces, Motion and Bridges on Tuesday, 1/27
Tuesday, 1/21- Thursday, 1/22
     Unit test on Tuesday 1/27 - Force, Motion, and Bridges
     Early Bird due 1/23
Friday, 1/23
     Gather materials for unit test
     Math Practice for unit test #1-9 due Monday
     Unit test Tuesday, 1/27 - Forces, Motion, and Bridges
     January Scientist Voicethread Interview due Friday, 1/30
Monday, 1/26
     Force, Motion, & Bridges test will be our next FULL day of school
     January Scientist Voicethread Interview due Friday, 1/30
Thursday, 1/29
     January Scientist Voicethread Interview due tomorrow
Friday, 1/30

Monday, 12/1
     Shipping & Sliding Lab Write up (Booklet #2 and letter) due Friday, 12/5
     December Scientist Dinner Party List assigned:
          Notecard check in date 12/10
          Early Bird due date 12/15
          Due date 12/19
Tuesday, 12/2
     Prepare a draft of the body of your Shipping and Sliding recommendation letter -
           4 paragraphs only, handwritten or typed
     Notecards for December scientist due 12/10
     Shipping and Sliding lab due 12/5
Wednesday, 12/3 & Thursday, 12/4
     A Weighty Problem Worksheet due Friday
     Shipping and Sliding Lab Write up due Friday
     December Scientist Notecards due next Wednesday, 12/10
Friday, 12/5
     Penny's Puns Vocab Review
     Quiz Tuesday on Gravity Ch1 Sec 4 p 20-25
     December Scientist Project Notecard Check-in Wed, 12/10
Monday, 12/8
     Read and Annotate Ch2 Sec1 p 36-42
     Quiz tomorrow on Gravity p20-25
     Notecard check on Wed for December Scientist Dinner Party
Tuesday, 12/9
     Complete "Rethink" box of handout worked on in class
     Notecards for December Scientist project due tomorrow!
Wednesday, 12/10
     Early Bird due Monday, 12/15
Thursday, 12/11
     Scientist Project Dinner Party due 12/19, Early Bird due 12/15
Friday, 12/12
     Complete Drop Zone Packet for review on Monday
     Early Bird Projects are due Monday
Monday, 12/15
     none new - December Scientist Dinner Party Project due Friday
     Section C - Complete Drop Zone Packet for tomorrow's class
Tuesday, 12/16
     December Scientist Dinner Party Project due Friday
     Quiz Wednesday on Ch2 Sec1 Gravity and Motion
               (students rehearsing for band/chorus concert will take it during enrichment!!)
Wednesday, 12/17
     Second Law Math Problems if you didn't finish them in class, except Section C, you didn't get them yet!

Monday, 11/3
     Inquiry Unit test tomorrow
     November Scientist Greeting Card due Tuesday, 11/25
     Early Bird due Tuesday, 11/18
Tuesday, 11/4
     Research your November Scientist
Wednesday, 11/5
    Research a Science Concept and connect it to your scientist
Thursday, 11/6
     Look for quotes from your November scientist to use in your greeting card
     Inquiry Test remediation due tomorrow
Friday, 11/7
     Work on your November Scientist project. Plan to be an early bird!!
Monday, 11/10 - Friday, 11/14
     Work on November Scientist Greeting Card Project
Monday, 11/17
     Early Bird Scientist Project due tomorrow
Tuesday, 11/18
     November Scientist Greeting Card due Tuesday, 11/25
Wednesday, 11/19 - Friday, 11/21
Monday, 11/24
     November Scientist Greeting Cards due tomorrow
Tuesday, 11/25

Wednesday, 10/1
     Section C- Graph data from Domino Derby (x=length, y=ave. speed)
     Sections A, B & D- Complete front of Domino Derby Conclusion
Thursday, 10/2
     October Scientist Collage and Autobiography due Thursday, 10/30
     Early Bird Due date Friday, 10/24
     Peer Edit of Autobiography portion of project on Thursday, 10/23
     Lab Report on Domino Derby due Monday, 10/6
Friday, 10/3
     Lab Report due Monday, 10/6 (conclusion should be typed!)
     Research your October scientist
Monday, 10/6
    Research October Scientist
Tuesday, 10/7
     Annotate Ch1 Sec1 pp4-9 in blue book for Thursday
Wednesday, 10/8
     Annotate textbook for tomorrow
Thursday, 10/9
     Research October scientist
Friday, 10/10
     Graph Sheet on a Wolf's Motion
Tuesday, 10/14
     Quiz Thursday on Measuring Motion
     Math Review Worksheet, Ch1 Sec1
Wednesday, 10/15
     Quiz tomorrow on Ch1 sec1 Measuring Motion
     Study strategies: Make vocab flashcards and then use the cards to make a concept map linking terms and concepts together,
     Also, make up word problems and a key and swap with a friend.
Thursday, 10/16
     Read and annotate Ch1 Sec 2, p. 10-13
     Add notes to your 4-panel fold in the Forces "window"
Friday, 10/17
     Work on rough draft of October scientist autobiography - peer edit this Thursday
     Quiz on Forces Tuesday
Monday, 10/20
     Quiz tomorrow on Forces, p. 10-13
     Peer edit on Thursday - come prepared with a rough draft of October scientist autobiography
     Early Bird due Friday, 10/24   
Tuesday, 10/21
     Read and annotate Ch1 Sec3 p. 14-19
     Peer Edit on Thursday
Wednesday, 10/22
     Peer Edit of October Scientist Autobiography Draft - please type out of courtesy to your classmate who will edit your paper!!!
Thursday, 10/23
     Friction Action Worksheet
     Early Bird October Scientist Project due tomorrow
     Quiz Monday on Friction, p 14-19
Friday, 10/24
    Friction Quiz Monday
    October Scientist Project due Thursday
Monday, 10/27
     Dimensional Analysis Practice problems and complete classwork
Tuesday, 10/28
     Scientist Project due Thursday
     Complete dimensional analysis problems 6-12 on the half sheet started in class
Wednesday, 10/29
     October Scientist Project - collage and autobiography with work cited page - due tomorrow
     Inquiry Unit test on Tuesday - complete review packet/test prep to go over on Monday
Thursday, 10/30
     Dimensional Analysis #3
     Inquiry Test on Tuesday
Friday, 10/31
     Annotate Review & Practice Test on Inquiry for Tuesday's test

Tuesday, 9/2
     Science Notebook Check on 9/10
Wednesday, 9/3
Thursday, 9/4
     Complete packet on IV/DV through #16.
Friday, 9/5
     Complete packet.
Monday, 9/8
     1. read through the Wanted Poster assignment and select a scientist to research for September
     2. Inquiry Vocab quiz later this week
     3. September Scientist Wanted Poster due Tues, 9/30
         Peer Edit due Mon, 9/22
         Early Bird Special (worth an additional 10%!) due, 9/24
Tuesday, 9/9
     Inquiry Vocab Quiz will be Friday.
Wednesday, 9/10
     Quiz on Friday
     Research September Scientist
Thursday, 9/11
     Quiz tomorrow on Inquiry vocabulary (matching and application)
Friday, 9/12
     Research September Scientist
Monday, 9/15
     Complete Thumbs Up! packet due tomorrow
     Research September Scientist
Tuesday, 9/16
     Complete Classwork
     Begin working on rough draft of September Scientist Project
Wednesday, 9/17
     Complete Experimental Design Packet due Friday
     Work on Rough Draft of Scientist Project - peer edit Monday 9/22
Thursday, 9/18
     Experimental Design Packet due tomorrow
Friday, 9/19
     Rough Draft of Scientist Project due Monday for peer edit
Monday, 9/22
     Complete Graph Exercise (double line graph)
     Early Bird Scientist Project due Wednesday
Tuesday, 9/23
     Complete the 3 Practice Graphs started in class
     Early Bird Projects due tomorrow
Wednesday, 9/24
     Quiz on Graphing this Friday
     September Scientist Wanted Poster Project due next Tuesday, 9/30
Thursday, 9/25
     Quiz tomorrow on graphing
Friday, 9/26
     September Scientist Projects due Tuesday, 9/30
Monday, 9/29
     September Scientist Projects are due tomorrow
Tuesday, 9/30