Clinical Match Me's own superhero Clinical Woman, will support you through the process, she understands what you need, where you need it and when you need it.  She then searches our database with lightning speed to find you a preceptor that meets your school's criteria.  

She will then contact you with the locations of potential preceptors who have agreed to receive you.  Once you accept a Preceptor, Clinical Woman will have her trusty sidekicks complete the paperwork.  Send them out to you and the preceptor for electronic signatures and when complete, email all forms and documents to you for submission to your school.  

Clinical Match Me only gets paid to deliver, that's real simple, unless we deliver to you, a clinical location and preceptor that your educational program approves, we don't get paid. 

Payment is due once your school approves the preceptor and before you are allowed to start your clinical rotation. The cost is $15 per clinical hour with a minimum of $1200.  If your school doesn't approve, no payment is due.  

It is our mission to help you get your clinical education completed.  The more time you provide us the more likely our success for you.  
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