This website is intended for any land manager, owner, or planner who manages rock climbing. This site contains sample documents, contact information of experts across the country, existing planning documents, research and other valuable resources related to the management of rock climbing as well as the presentations from the 2010 and 2007 National Climbing Management Summits.

Climbing Management plans

-Climbing Management Plans are an effective way for land managers to manage climbing on both public and private lands. Management response to the effects of climbing activity will depend on many factors, including whether the land is public or private, the mission of the agency or field unit, and staffing or budgetary resources.

-Climbing management plans can address social, resource management, legal and economic issues.

-If interested in developing your own climbing management plan or want to learn more refer to the Climbing Management Guide

-A list of climbing management plans by state and by land manager can be found here: Climbing Information and Management Plans

Related Research

-Climbing has a large assortment of peer-reviewed papers that range from economic benefits to communities, impacts to specific plant communities, to social impacts of rock climbing in parks.

-Within Issues & Research  you can find studies done on the impacts of climbing organized as either Resource Issues, Social Issues, or Economics.

-Land managers and other interested parties can use this information to lobby for certain actions by local, state, and federal governmental parties.

-Describe the kind of research that still needs to be done on climbing issues
Climbing Policies and Information

-Describe how the policies are organized within the site
- Describe how what policies affect what people/land managers
- Description of how the policies can be utilized
- Description of how a land manager can research the policies that may affect them.