This website is intended for land managers, advocates, researchers and planners interested in managing rock climbing areas. This site contains sample documents, contact information of experts across the country, existing planning documents, research and other valuable resources related to the management of rock climbing.

Climbing Policies

-Current climbing policies and management plans can be found in the Climbing Information and Management Plans tab. The information is organized geographically as well as by the land manager responsible.

-Climbing Management Plans are an effective way for land managers to manage climbing on both public and private landsand there is a Climbing Management Plan Development Guide for land managers interested in making a Climbing Management Plan.

-See this page for basic information about rock climbing.

-The Issues and Research tab has a large selection of research papers divided into three categories: Resource Issues, Social Issues, and Economics.

-Land managers and other interested parties can use this information to learn about the potential effects of outdoor recreation and specifically climbing.

-The research will be relevant to anyone interested in the effects of climbing on an area.
 Climbing Management 
-There have two Climbing Management Summits to date, bringing together land managers and field-level personnel who are involved in recreation and climbing policy to discuss climbing management practices with the goals of implementing best practices and increasing consistency while meeting land managers obligations. The resources from previous summits can be accessed on the Summits page.

-View examples of climbing management practices with examples of effective climbing management plans and partnerships between non-profits and land managers.