what we do

We are working to save the 8.7 million species that can't vote 

and the 1 species that can. 

    Climate Foundation Projects

    Carbon Sequestration

    • Land Carbon Sequestration (Biochar) :Using biochar for sanitation, fertilization, and carbon sequestration, especially in developing nations, sequestering gigatons of carbon for centuries to millenia. 
    • Ocean Carbon Sequestration (OCS): Upwelling nutrient-rich water to feed the plankton, which sequester up to 50% of the world's carbon.
    • Azolla Farming :Sequestering 3000 parts per million of CO2, and once brought about one of the first ice ages.

    Food Security 

    • Marine PermacultureServing up nutrients to feed fish and, in turn,  humans. 
    • Biochar: Using Biochar for farming; lowering water and fertilization use, improving the soil and taking care of sanitation. 

    Eco-system survival 

    • Coral Reef Cooling: Reversing coral bleaching on high-value coral reefs to preserve portions of these ecosystems during the high-temperature decades to come. 

    Future Solutions

    • Summer classes provides Interns from all over the world, who join us to learn about ways to help this planet.
    • Climate House provides research and education for scientists, professors, researchers and students.
    • Each project provides local jobs for a variety of people and talents.

    Photos by NASA (blue earth) Perojevic, (jungle) Habib M'henni (class room) Neetalparekh (jobs) Jamie Oliver (fisherman)