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Charvester - An Idea That Could Help Cut Air Pollution / NDTV - October 22, 2016

Climate Foundation - Biochar reactor - completed -  for human waste India /  2015

India 2015 Biochar Final.mp4

This video shows the completed biochar reactor, made in India, for India, thanks to the Gates Foundation

Climate Foundation - Biochar reactor for human waste (March 20, 2014)

This video shows an overview of the work the Climate Foundation has been doing before the Reinvent the Toilet fair in Delhi, March 2014. It's a snapshot of the progress so far - and looking forward to the next steps.

Pyrolyzing Poo: Sustainable Sanitation with Biochar

The Climate Foundation has been working on a new technology for sanitation worldwide, and presents this option in Delhi, India.

CO2 Ocean Recycling Using Wave-Driven Ocean Pumps (April 2009)

This video shows how wave-driven ocean pumps designed and produced by Atmocean, Inc. can enhance natural ocean biological processes to absorb more CO2 and counteract climate change. Dr. Brian Von Herzen demonstrates the geoengineering potential to wipe out America's CO2 emissions. University scientists describe some of the underlying biogeochemistry, discuss relative risks, and propose a cautious path forward in the face of rapidly worsening CO2 emissions.