* Important Guidance Message: If you wish to speak with a Guidance Counselor for any guidance-related issue, please make an appointment before coming to the school.  By following this procedure your needs will be better served.  Thank you.

While in Clifton High School...

What Does the Guidance Department and Your Counselor Do For You?

The Counseling Department functions an an integral part of the total high school program in assisting students to realize and attain the following goals and objectives:

  1. Develop within each student a sense of personal worth and social responsibility
  2. Improve the student's ability, self-understanding and self-direction
  3. Develop personal, social and realistic vocational and educational plans
  4. Achieve maximum academic progress consistent with the student's capability
  5. Develop sound decision-making and problem-solving processes
  6. Develop a sound foundation of ethical principles and values
  7. Foster the transition process to the high school environment

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    The Senior Year Options Programs allow eligible seniors to participate in academic programs for dual credit (CHS and college credits) and hands-on career exploration experiences. Click to discover more!

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