The San Diego Ultra Slam is comprised of four San Diego ultra marathons.  To be eligible for the award, participants must complete each race in the calendar order they occur.  However, you may choose whichever race you wish to start with.  Each race offers a different distance and distinct challenge to the participant, and running all four within one year represents a significant achievement.  Your accomplishment will be memorialized on this site, and y
our award will be presented to you at the conclusion of your final race.

The races in the Slam are listed here in the order that they occur with links to the individual race websites

 Pacific Crest 50 Mile (PCT50)  5/14/16  1/1/16
 San Diego 100 Mile  6/3/16  1/1/16
 Noble Canyon 50k  TBD  TBD
 Cuyamaca 100k  10/3/15     
Rules and Guidelines 
The SD Ultra Slam is intended to recognize individuals who were able to successfully complete a 50k, 50 mile, 100k, and 100 mile San Diego Trail Ultra Distance (STUD) all within one year.  Since all the events that comprise the Slam usually fill to limit, those who are interested in attempting the Slam need to sign up for each of the events when the races first open registration (registration opening dates listed above).  
You will also be asked if you intend to compete in the Slam when you signup for the first event (on Ultra Signup) to show your intent to run all four events in order (note: you must meet the qualification requirements of each race in order to sign up). Registration for the Slam does not guarantee entry into future races.  In the event that the race with which you choose to start the Slam fills to limit before you enter, or goes to a lottery and you fail to get in, you will not get special consideration for that race.  You must wait for the next race, and start the Slam at a later date.  In the event that you have started the Slam and completed one or more races in proper sequence, you may be given special consideration for entry in subsequent races provided that you are qualified for that race and register in a timely manner.

Those who successfully complete the Slam will 
receive a unique SD Slam Jacket.

New for 2015 - There will be a $5 Slam registration fee due at the registration for each Slam event.  This fee will partially offset the cost of the jacket that will be awarded at the conclusion of all 4 events.  The fee is non-refundable.  Should you fail to complete one of the races, and start the Slam again, you will need to pay the fee once again for each of the events.  Should you be interested in completing the Slam, but do not want a jacket, please let us know, and we will memorialize your accomplishment on this site, and you can skip the entry fee.

PCT50 RD John Martinez and Ultraslam finisher Eric Miersma

The Slam officially started with the completion of the 2012 Cuyamaca 100K in October.  Chris Sigel, Igor Campos, and Ricardo Ornelas were the first to complete all four events, and are listed on the finisher's page.  Two more (Jennifer Griste and Eric Miersma) earned their award in the 2013 PCT 50.   By the end of 2013, we have had 11 more finishers!

Any questions concerning the San Diego Ultra Slam can be directed to either Scott Mills at or Scott Crellin at


 Presenting sponsor for the San Diego Ultra Slam is San Diego based Injinji Performance Toesock Company