CxC Matrix for Customer Strategy

CxC Customer Experience Matrix Walk Thru from Customer Worthy

Companies Use the CxC Matrix to Visualize.  Monetize, Prioritize, Optimize Customer Experience.

CxC Matrix Benefits:
  • Leadership  - customer play book + customer strategy transparency
  • Execution - connects strategy to execution 
  • Measurement -  constant, actionable performance monitoring
  • Analysis - Quickly uncover revenue/cost risk and opportunity

1. The CxC Matrix assembles a view of all customer contacts 

Each customer contact categorized by its role in the customer's life stage.
The CxC Matrix channels below can be expanded further to depict individual channels, devices, sites and can get as granular as specific interactions and transactions for 

This simple CxC Matrix illustration visually depicts the customer experience path for a customer purchase at a company website exposing all the preceding and succeeding contacts related to the web purchase for an individual customer or group of customers. 

The CxC Matrix above also shows the customer experience performance for each life cycle stage, or what percentage of customers successfully move from stage to stage. With baseline performance numbers, managers can set performance objectives by stage, department, interaction, etc.  and monitor performance periodically or in near-real time.

The CxC Matrix below, taken from Michael R. Hoffman's book, Customer Worthy, describes using the CxC Matrix to align company objectives, departments and systems to customer experience using the Think Like a Customer methodology.