Clients and Results

CxC helps companies like yours achieve optimum yield per customer 

New Clients?

We start quickly and seek to achieve measurable results early in every project.

The CxC Matrix is CxC's 'secret sauce' enabling companies to identify and quantify client project benefits and proposed actions in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional consulting and management methods. 

Customer Centric Focus is the Key Ingredient

We work closely with our client's to understand their unique needs, goals, objectives and current operations relative to customer performance. 

This approach ensures that any recommend change or new initiative is justified and measurable based on its impact per customer.

The result: executive management, department managers, partners and all stakeholders immediately see and understand the impact of changes in the customer's context. 

We make use of visual tools and proven internal communications and messaging methods to ensure everyone is on board and that everyone has a role and stake in growing return per customer and adding value to the end customer's experience.

Client Success:

  • Global Business to Consumer - Enterprise customer strategy; customer monetization; customer profitability and CxO customer-value, stock ticker like dashboard; online & traditional business transformation; enterprise business intelligence BI design, launch; CRM assessment; executive & management team advisory services. 
    • Results: Revenue growth 20-30% annually; improved forecasting accuracy; reduced new business decision cycle time by 6 months; grew new products and services 25%; grew net return per customer 17%
  • Enterprise Strategy, Consumer & Commercial - Customer analytics data and system consolidation; analytics work bench design, implementation training for global decision management.
      • Results: 400% productivity growth; 90% reduction in cost per question; reduced decision cycle time from 1 month to 1/2 day; created CxO major strategic scenario toolset
  • Business to Consumer - Americas - Marketing, sales, CRM technology assessment; tools, process and resource review; CRM acquisition and design; Business Intelligence system design.
    • Results: Grew sales 80% during economic downturn leveraging multi-channel sales and marketing plus enhanced CRM w/database marketing; reduced sales & marketing expense; reduced cost per customer 18%
  • Business to Business to Consumer - CRM, marketing, business intelligence and partner management process and technology assessment. 
    • Results: Reduced sales & marketing expense; reduced inventory expense; grew sales & relationships in key strategic markets
  • Business Technology Advisory - Thirty month product development and acquisition strategy; function road map and monetization; value based sales consulting
    • Increased sales, renewals and analyst recognition; grew valuation 65%
  • Business to Business - Hi Tech Start-Up - Marketing and positioning assessment. Identified alternative positioning and value proposition; built "pitch"
    • Results: Acquired by Microsoft within 12 months
  • Miscellaneous Projects   
    • Executive Customer Strategy to Execution Workshops
    • Customer Based Business Valuation
    • Customer Simulation & Predictive Modeling
    • Request for Proposals (RFP) design and facilitation 
    • Technology sales & marketing consulting
    • CRM, business intelligence, marketing technology assessments
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