About CxC

Client X Client, is a consulting firm specializing in customer experience strategy, measurement and technologies. 

MR Hoffman CxC Customer Experience Matrix

CxC helps technology aggressive companies design and execute strategies focused on optimizing customer growth and customer value. 

The CxC Matrix, developed by Client x Client, delivers companies a detailed and monetized map of their customer's experience for use in strategy assessment and design, process design and re-engineering, system and process integration, third party services/outsourcing assessment and measurement, next generation marketing & sales design, enterprise performance measurement, customer technology (CRM, Web, Social, SFA, Database, Analytics) tools assessment and justification; analytical and predictive modeling design and deployment, merger and acquisition customer level analysis.

Michael R. Hoffman's book, Customer Worthy, Why and How Everyone in Your Organization Must Think Like a Customer” is a manual for companies seeking to understand and monetize their customer’s experience for realizing optimal customer value. The CxC Matrix, presented in Customer Worthy (book web site), is the industry standard for depicting, monetizing and managing a company’s customer experiences.


Hoffman's work with Fortune 500 companies in diverse industries across retail, communications, travel, non-profits, publishing, utilities, media and financial services has made him a sought after speaker at national conferences on marketing, sales, customer service and the future of customer technologies and customer experience.

"I've been fortunate to work with some of the best marketing, sales and service brands and their management and agency partners over the past twenty years as well as a number of start-ups and mid-size companies all seeking to better understand and monetize their customers to grow their competitive advantage. 

If the customer deems the interaction "customer worthy", then the company 

reaps the benefits of preferential profit margin, repeat business, referrals, reduced cost of acquisition and reduced service expense. If the proposition, the offer or a contact are deemed not "customer worthy", the customer will go elsewhere. While the customer may still show up on the company's radar, the company will likely be off the customer's radar which, itself, is a very expensive dynamic. 

"Customers exist without companies. Companies do not exist without customers."