Installation Instructions

Choose A Console Location

For ease of use and maximum visibility, select the location in the console carefully. the ideal location for the timer is within easy reach of the controller, in the controller's field of view. The best viewing position is when the timer is within about a 45° to either side of the controller position and the timer is inclined less the 30° from the controller's line of sight


The horizontal format WTT4 timer requires 6.5" x 4" of panel space, and will fit in a position that housed a AWTT3 timer. The vertical format WTT5  timer requires 4" x 5.5" of panel space. About 5" clearance behind the console panel is required. 

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Cut Console Opening

The next step is cutting the required opening in the console panel. Links to full-size templates are provided below; please verify the scale after printing out the template. The bold dashed line shows were to cut. Note the corner areas - be sure to leave enough material for the mounting screws to hold. 

(Click above templates to enlarge - Links to true-size pdfs are below)

Provide Power

Locate a 120V AC outlet under the console for the USB power supply module. the supplied USB cable is about 6-ft long. Plug in the module and route the cable to the console opening. The wake turbulence timer requires approximately 300 mA at 5 volts. 

Connect Power to the Timer

Connect the USB cable to the timer to power it up. The timer will perform a lamp and beeper test for several seconds when power is connected. All segments of the LED displays will flash, the illuminated switches will light and the beeper will sound. If the timer remains dark, verify the 120VAC outlet has power, the USB module is securely plugged in and that the USB cable is properly connected. 

Mount the Timer

Four #6 pan head screws are provided for mounting the timer. Secure the timer to the console with a screw in each corner.

    Warning: Do not over-tighten the screws. The timer panel may damaged if the screws are over tightened.
    Warning: Do not use flat-head screws. Damage to the timer panel may result.

Installation of the wake turbulence timer is complete. 

Timer Packing List:
  • WTT4 or WTT5 Wake Turbulence Timer
  • USB power module
  • 6' USB cable 
  • Mounting screws, package of 4
For a complete set of Downloadable PDF files of these instructions Please Click Below: