Contact Information

The FAA contact regarding the WTT4 and WTT5 Wake Turbulence Timers is 

Clark Eastman
NVAIDS/Communications - Washington
Technical Operations
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The Designer and supplier of the WTT4 and WTT5 Wake Turbulence Timers is 

Jon Chandler
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To find out the latest approval status, please contact Clark. Pending nationwide approval, it may be possible to install the WTT4 or WTT5 timers in place of defective units or to install timers at local discretion.

For questions, comments or suggestions regarding timer operation. please contact Jon.

The Web-Site Designer and Web-Master is

Note:  The website banner uses a portion of a photo from BenFrantzDale; A wind tunnel model of a Cessna 182 showing a wingtip vortex. Tested in the RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) Subsonic Wind Tunnel, released under GNU license.