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Ideal Timer Locations

The WTT4 and WTT5 use 3M Vikuiti Light Control Film lens on the 7-segment LED displays to enhance brightness and readability as well as eliminating the risk of washout caused by bright lights or the sun. This film offers superior display visibility but somewhat limits the viewing angle; the angle of the panel can not be too steep to the viewer. Ideally, the panel should not be at more than a 30 degree slope from the viewer's line of sight. The film does not restrict viewing angle from side to side. 

At Boeing Field, the console at the LCG position is at a very shallow angle, so that the timer panel is at roughly a 60 degree slope to the controller's field of view. This seriously restricts the timer display visibility. 

Where situations like this can't be avoided, solutions like an acrylic wedge may be used to improve the angle. Contact Cleve4Hire for assistance. 

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In this case at Boeing Field, a version 1 WTT4 timer was installed. Version 1 hardware uses colored lenses; the viewing angle is improved at a loss of display contrast.

Vikuiti Light Control file is similar to a polarizer, but on a much larger scale. Light entering from off-axis is blocked, preventing washout of the display. Visibility through Vikuiti is not reduced when wearing glasses.