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Panel Size: WTT4: 6½" × 4"  (horizontal format)

WTT5: 4" × 5½"  (vertical format)

Mounting: Designed for mounting in a console cut-out - approximately 5" clearance required behind panel

Stand-alone desktop enclosure available for WTT4

Power Supply: 5VDC, provided by USB wall wart (included with timer)

Timers per unit: Two fully independent color-coded timers

Timing Intervals: 2 minute, 3 minute, 4 minute and 5 minute, initiated by single button press

Display: Illuminated switch indicates selected interval.  7-segment LED display shows time remaining
Digits are 0.56" tall providing good visibility. 15 brightness levels accomodate all lighting conditions

Interval Complete Indication:

Flashing buttons and LED display with audible indication (distinctive for each timer section)
Audible Indication: Adjustable volume audible tone

Panel Material:  Laser-cut acrylic with hard-cote surface; labels are engraved on the back of the panel.

This panel has held up better than traditional painted aluminum panels which have shown paint rub-through in 2 years of use

Switches:  Top-of-the-line industrial switches are rated for > 1,000,000 operation cycles
Expected life > 15 years at the busiest airports

Switches are field-replaceable with no soldering required.