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FAA Support Products

Clever4Hire, working in conjunction with the FAA has developed some test and support equipment in order to maintain FAA systems.  Simple technology can often make troubleshooting and maintenance simpler and faster.


Technical Description



Tattletale 1- V2: TACR/DME Modulation Controller Module 3A2A11 Fault Monitor

TACAN aids to navigation are remotely located from airports, sometimes in difficult to reach locations.  A number of monitored parameters can cause a TACAN to fail including over-temperature conditions, loss of airflow, the transmitter being off frequency, etc., but only the fact that the unit has had alarms and been shut down is reported remotely.  The individual fault conditions are not reported remotely nor stored for review onsite.  When a technician arrives at the unit, which may be hours later, it's anybody's guess what caused the shutdown.

The Tattletale was developed to aid in troubleshooting TACANs.  The Tattletale is a data logger of the alarm signals, designed to catch event the shortest events that can lead to failure so that the technician can review this information to determine where the faults lay.  The fault sequence may be played back on the Tattletale's LEDs or may be downloaded into a computer for detailed analysis.  Version 2 added a RTC (real time clock) so events are timestamped and temperature monitoring so that trends may be observed before failures occur.

The Tattletale included a high accuracy voltage detection circuit - It is believed TACANs are sensitive to very small sags in supply voltage.

$195 each
Quantity discounts available
Pricing subject to tariff impacts



 Card Edge Breakout, V1

 TP-1 on theTACR/DME Modulation Controller Module 3A2A11 Fault Monitor is a 28 x 2 card edge, with a pitch of 1.56".  This type of connector shows up elsewhere in the FAA suite of navigation aids.  Identifying specific contacts on this connector for test measures is a pain because of the goofy labeling scheme.

This breakout board connects each contact to a clearly labelled terminal terminal block that will hold a test probe or wire securely.  There are terminal blocks of both sides of the breakout board, corresponding to each side of the card edge connector.

$102 each
Quantity discounts available
Pricing subject to tariff impacts



Card Edge Breakout - Improved Version

 This improved version of the breakout board accommodates clip leads rather than test probes.  It such be more durable and stand up to abuse.  All connections are visible from one side and connections are made on two levels. 

I believe this version is better than the original, and it's the version I'd like to build.  I'll need commitments for several units before I have circuit boards fabricated.

$75 each
Quantity discounts available
Pricing subject to tariff impacts


Jon Chandler,
Jul 18, 2019, 1:44 PM