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Remote Units

The RS-485  network makes the remote units much more functional than those in the existing RID systems.  Instead of being tied to a single RID station, a remote unit can report on the status of all zones.  A remote unit in a supervisor's office allows him to see the status of all zones at a glance.

The exact form of the remote units depends on the what information it is desired to present and the locations they are to be used.  A remote unit might be a wall-mount unit with illuminated indicators showing which zones have personnel in them, and it can show the count if desired.  Alternatively, it could be in a weather-tight enclosure to be installed at the base of the tower.

We will be happy to design a great solution when we understand the use case and what's desired.

As a RS-485 network device, remote units will be daisy-chained with other units or they may be connected to a data concentrator.