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Project Developments

As design details are nailed down, they will be shown here.  Keep an eye on this page for the latest developments.

Radio Interface Front Panel       2/13/2017

The radio interface will undergo some changes as it's reformatted to fit in a rack enclosure.  The first element completed is the enclosure front panel.  Read below to see how the front panel will be used and configured.

The front panel is supported by two printed circuit boards.  On the left is an LED board which indicates when one of the up to 32 radios is keyed.  On the right is the zone board which facilitates assigning radios to zones and shows when a zone has been keyed.


When a radio is keyed, the associated LED will be illuminated.  If that radio is assigned to one of the zones, the zone button will illuminate and a message sent to play the audio message at any control station with that zone activated.

Pulling the radio key signal from the radios themselves offers several advantages to accessing the key signals at each operator station.  All the signals are connected in a central location for ease of configuration and troubleshooting and the key signals are available at any operating location.  Furthermore, it allows re-configuring the radio/zone relationships easily without changing any connections.

Viewing Zones

Verifying radio/zone assignments is simple and may be done at any time.  To see the relationships, the View button is pressed on the panel.  Each radio LED will illuminate in turn, and the assigned zone button will be illuminated.  For example, if radios 1 and 2 are assigned to zone A and radios 3 and 4 are assigned to zone C, we will see the LED for radio 1 and the button for zone A illuminate, the LED for radio 2 and the button for zone A illuminate, then the LED for radio 3 and the button for zone C illuminate and so on for all radios.  If a particular radio is not assigned to a zone or no radio is connected to a channel, the n/a button will illuminate when that radio is shown.

Programming Radio/Zone Association

Pressing the Prog button will place in radio interface in the programming mode.  The LED for radio 1 will illuminate.  Press the button for the associated zone or press n/a if no radio is connected to that channel or that radio isn't associated with any zone.  After a zone button has been pressed, the next radio LED will illuminate and the process is repeated.  The entire process literally takes a few minutes.