RID System

This site will serve as a showcase of developments in runway incursion prevention in the Northwest Mountain Region, based on the work of Clark Eastman (FAA) and Jon Chandler (Clever4Hire).  This is the team who developed the WTT4 and WTT5 Wake Turbulence Timers in use in the Northwest Mountain Region.  Click here for more information on the timers.

New Project Developments -      Radio Interface Front Panel 2/13/2017     (links removed)
                                                            System Network Design 2/16/2017 - updated 2/21/2017
                                                            Remote Units - Network Creates Flexibility 2/20/2017

FAA headquarters has apparently awarded the RID project to the FAA Staging Area.  In as much as their efforts in the past have been rather crude and offered nowhere near the features and capabilities of Clever4Hire's system, we have removed information from this page.  As usual, Clever4Hire will be pleased to help out the FAA in this important matter of air traffic safety.  Please contact Jon.Chandler@Clever4Hire.com if assistance is needed.