Bond Progress

Success!!!  Tiger Vision 2016 passed with the most voters ever to participate in a Cleveland School bond issue and by the highest percentage in recent history.  Proposition 1 had a total of 955 voters and a 76% pass rate.  Proposition 2 (transportation bond) had a total of 958 voters and a 77% pass rate.  Both propositions were seen as a huge success for the students and stakeholders in Cleveland Public Schools.  Thank you to our great community for making this dream a reality.

Now it is on to bringing new life to CPS, while still holding true to the values and traditions that make our school so great.  This site is dedicated to providing updates throughout the next three years of bond projects.  You will be able to check back to see progress, scheduled completion dates, drawings, photos, etc.  If you have any questions or concerns about the projects, feel free to contact our district office and assistance will be provided.  We are excited about seeing these projects come to fruition, but mostly about the opportunities that will now be possible for our students because of the commitment that our community has shown to Cleveland School District.  

The bond projects will be split up into phase 1, phase 2, phase 3, and stand-alone projects.  Details about these phases and projects can be found under their respective tabs.  Please take your time looking through the different aspects of the projects.  Our ultimate goal is to provide you with all the information necessary so that you may rest assured that your tax dollars are going exactly where they should.  Thank you again and enjoy this process along with us as we see Cleveland Public School get the attention it deserves.