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Updated 3/9/2017 2:55PM CST

Before submitting an application, we encourage you to visit our Strategic Plan site and familiarize yourself with "The Cleveland Way" by clicking

 Fundamental Skills Required for all Certified Jobs

Be able to create a flexible class environment favorable to learning and personal growth which align to student outcomes and core values

Can establish effective rapport with students

Works to motivate students to develop skills, attitudes and knowledge needed to provide the fundamental foundation for life-long learning

Establish good working relationships with parents as well as other staff members aligned with the district strategic plan

Can effectively use data to drive classroom instruction leading to strong student achievement

Job Title (Certified) Job Description 

 Job Title (Non -Certified) Job Information
 Bus Driver Certification Requirements:
  • Must hold a valid CDL (School will pay for training and license if needed)
  • Must have a current physical  (School will pay for physical)
  • Must submit to random drug testing  (School provides drug testing)
Skills Required:
  • Safely transport students to/from school and activities.