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Current Progress of Curriculum Planning

This is a temporary housing place to serve as examples for teachers. We will be evolving our curriculum to ensure that we are leveraging the talent and expertise of our teachers.

Cleveland Schools is happy to be creating an in-house curriculum aligned to the Oklahoma Math Standards and College and Career Readiness Standards (to make ACT improvement as a goal).

Primary Resources:


Michigan Unit Plans




State Department Frameworks


Virtual Manipulatives

Our Vision:

Give students the vision to see the world of mathematics all around them.  

Create the desire to explore and investigate mathematics.  

Recognize that mathematics makes the world turn.  

Mathematics is a vital part of their daily life.

We also want to be able to ensure that our students have the employment skills necessary for career. See the state department guidance on employment skills here.

If you wish to get involved or contribute to our efforts, please email the curriculum director Jo at joannalein@clevelandtigers.com.

Questions for the State?

Elementary Contact - Robbyn Glinsmann Robbyn.Glinsmann@sde.ok.gov

Secondary Contact - Levi Patrick  Levi.Patrick@sde.ok.gov

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