Professional Development


Per our negotiated agreement and approval from the professional development committee, all teachers are required to take 4 hours of professional development each year in addition to contracted time (i.e. PD days, required PD from the state, etc.). The professional development must be classroom related (see item 9 about coaches clinic).

Choices include:

1. Workshops (district offered or approved external workshops)

2. College coursework (education related) - one hour class would take care of all of your requirements for the year

3. Organized book studies

4. Approved online training

5. Riding an out of city bus route and submitting a reflection to Jo Lein

6. Conducting a home visit and submitting a reflection to Jo Lein (please do this in pairs)

7. Observing a peer on a plan time and share your reflection with Joanna Lein and your principal

8. Direct coaching with the curriculum director, Jo Lein

9. 1 hour can be devoted to coaches clinic

10. If you choose to present on a topic (outside of your leadership responsibilities), you will get double credit.

One hour = One credit

You will be able to track your credits here

Nervous about a bus ride along? Check out this important reflection:
In closing, I grew up here graduating in 2003 but as a kid I was clueless to what things were really like besides my immediate friends. This was eye opening to see what our current students are trying to overcome. I was taken aback by what I saw overall.

The philosophy and approach to professional development in Cleveland includes:
  • When possible, PD should be led by teachers or someone local (for follow up and support)

  • Topics should be practical and something that is directly aligned to our strategic plan

  • When possible, professional development should respect a teacher's autonomy by providing choice

  • Professional development should be something that can implemented in the classroom. Thus, leaders must provide time to implement the new topic or strategy.

Professional development includes:
1) Ongoing professional development provided throughout the district
2) Ongoing follow up coaching from those weekly workshops
4) Ongoing observation and feedback from administrators
5) Classroom walkthroughs
6) Collaboration time during our professional development days
8) Experiential learning 
9) Ongoing book studies

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