Mission Statement

The mission of Turning Point Academy is to provide a safe, supportive and individualized learning environment that meets the academic, personal, emotional and social needs of students so they can graduate from high school with a pathway to the future: college, technical school, military or workforce.

Our Core Beliefs

1. We will provide a safe and supportive environment that can be adapted to meet the uniqueness of each student in a manner that results in students feeling loved, valued and respected.

2. We will ensure that a positive and productive relationship is established and maintained with each student to assist in student-centered decision-making.

3. We will empower and support students to make positive changes academically, personally, and socially, using self-determination skills that will encourage active engagement in critical thinking, communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and goal-setting.

4. We will collaborate with students, families, school staff and community agencies to provide a network of resources designed to meet the educational, therapeutic, emotional, and physical needs of all students, in order to assist them in graduating from high school with a pathway for the future: college, technical school, military or the workforce.

5. We will maintain high expectations and accountability for staff and students in the successful implementation of rigorous, relevant, differentiated and technology-supported common core instruction.

6. We will utilize data driven research-based practices to monitor student success and enhance the efficacy of our program.